Photos from the 2014 TTT2 Tour of the Isle of Wight

Sue-Melville Smith from Australia came along in her YA, accompanied by Anthony Hillier.

Patrick Michel and Christiane travelled from France in their TC.

Rolf Schmidt and Sylvia travelled from Germany in their TC.

Pete Cole and Gillian Smith in their TD just leaving Calbourne Mill.

A view of some of the cars parked at the hotel.

Noel Lahiff and Terry Baulch in Noel’s TF. They used Terry’s TD the next day.

George and Pauline Arber travelled down from Chesterfield in their TC EXU.

Richard and Anne Holl’s TA in the foreground next to Paul and Christine Ireland’s TC.

This goose was determined to have a ‘slice of the action’ at Calbourne Mill.

Cars at Adgestone vineyard R to L: PB John James, TC David Lewis, TA John Philps, TD Ian Wells, TC Martin Franklin.

John and Sandra Vinnell enjoying afternoon tea at Calbourne Mill.

Jerry and Jo Birkbeck’s YT in the hotel car park.

T-Types at the Botanic Gardens in Ventnor.

Carisbrooke Castle where Charles 1 was held.

A farewell photograph of John and Sue James with Patrick Michel and Christiane Kondoszek.

T-Types are pretty reliable – except for when the crank breaks…