Bits and Pieces

Oil drip trays

Originally developed and sold by David Pelham, these Oil Drip Trays have now been fitted to well over one hundred cars; orders have been received and fulfilled not only in the UK but also in Continental Europe, Australia and the USA. Response has been highly favourable. The oil drip tray is made from aluminium, weighs approximately 230 grams and has a 3/8 inch BSP drain with a 5/8 inch hexagonal drain plug. Earlier versions (pictured below with the finned sump had allen key drain plugs) The latest Drip Trays are first ‘Laser Cut’ to ensure accuracy before welding.  They have a capacity of 250ml, which means that even with the ‘leakiest’ XPAG the drip tray should not require draining too often.  They can be painted to match the sump and really do not look out of place; it could almost be an original fitting. The cost is £53 all up including Postage and Packing and can be obtained from bryan ‘at’

Above: early version (which has been painted) with Allen key drain plug.Below: current version with a 3/8 inch BSP drain with a 5/8 inch hexagonal drain plug.

Ed’s note: David Pelham, who originally brought these to market, died last year. His stock of drip trays was purchased by Bryan Purves. Since David’s death I have had a steady stream of enquiries which I have passed on to Bryan. However, I thought it would be useful to advertise their availability once again.

I think that the all-in cost quoted (53 GBP) only applies to UK orders. Postage outside of the UK would be extra.

TA-TC and TD-TF carpet sets

James Collingburn (son of Mike) has asked me to mention that they are making as original TA-TC carpets and TD-TF carpets and accepting orders for them. Customers can email: collingburn ‘at’ or Tel: 01748 824105. The photos show the TA-TC sets.


Dieter Wagner has sent in some comments following publication of the tables of tyre sizes for MG TA/TC in the last issue.

“I always recommend to the tyre size 4.75/5.00 x 19 for MG TA/TC. I think these have some advantages about the original size 4.50 x 19 and they fit without problem to the original wheels. They have one row more on the rubber, so better road holding, more comfort, you save approx. 3% revolutions and they are better looking on the car.

They are more expensive but last longer.”

Ed’s note: A number of items have unavoidably been held over until next month due to lack of space.