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Totally T-Type 2 (TTT 2) is a free bi-monthly technical publication compiled for MG T-Series owners by John James, the creator and original editor of the MG Car Club T Register publication, Totally T-Type.

TTT 2 is available to read in a choice of two formats. To download the selected issue as a PDF for viewing/printing, simply click the cover picture on the right. Alternatively, you can also read the selected issue directly on this website by browsing the contents on the left. To browse a different issue of Totally T-Type 2, simply use the dropdown box at the top of the left-hand column to select your desired issue.

Featuring the content on this website as well as the ‘traditional’ PDF download encourages a two-way dialogue between the article authors and you, the reader. Under each article is a ‘comment’ section in which you can make remarks on or ask questions about the content of the article.

We hope you enjoy TTT 2! Article contributions are gratefully received. Please direct your T-Type technical articles to the following email address: ttt2@ttypes.org

14 thoughts on “Totally T-Type 2

  1. William Chambers says:

    Hi John
    Always good to receive latest copy from you.
    News is topical and interesting.
    Keep it up and Stay Safe

  2. Ricardo Prado says:

    Dear Sirs, Compliments for keeping quality information as usual. I read the E10 article, and would like to share with you that in my country, Brazil, since long ago the petrol has 25% of alcohol mixed. Even with original cars, with original engine not rebuilt, apparently very small change observed in terms of maintenance and performance. For SU carbs I never experience corrosion (I own my TC 41 yrs. now) but it is necessary to change the carb needle to enrich slightly the mixture. The only detail is keeping the first 2 zones of the needle very near or same as original to be easier to adjust idle. I suspect also that in TC it becomes more prone to vapour lock, so I added a heat shield to solve this issue. For cars with Solex carbs, I use to enlarge the main gicleur about 10% in diameter. Never had problem with valve seats or other. Important to say that here also, the gas only lasts about 3 months. After this period, a kind of brown mud can forms and block carb holes and sometimes seize valves or even pistons. Best regards,

  3. jddevel says:

    That`s some interesting information from Ricardo and perhaps worthy of follow up with other Brazilian owners.

  4. Peter Lancaster says:

    Every month l look forward to receiving and reading your magazine. Very informative. I reckon My TC is the same colour as in issue 61 and looks as good. Wonderful vehicle!

  5. Terry Peddicord says:

    I truly enjoy each new addition of TTT2. A much appreciated distraction from the outside world today. Many thanks for your tireless work keeping the T-series flame burning.

  6. Rudy de Heer says:

    Also in the Nertherlands we read with a lot of joy and interest your TTT additions. Alway a lot of verry usefull info. Keep the good work going and thanks!

  7. Martin van der Merwe says:

    I am a recent member and I have just finished reading all 62 issues to date, cover to cover. Having thus binged for a few weeks I am suddenly faced with a void. When are you publishing the next issue? I need my fix!!
    Here near the southern end of the African continent, I sense an increase in T type activity. Quite a few TCs, in particular, are surfacing. Not that one sees much of them in regular use. Some restorers are working on multiple cars, hopefully the intent is not to export them on completion. Unfortunately, the value of our currency has dropped drastically. In 1985 I had my instruments restored in England. Each GBP cost me around R1.38. Today it is R20.00. Which is why many cars are exported. A fair price in the UK is an astronomical number in Rands. Back then old car parts were duty free and there was no sales tax. Today, bringing in parts, with delivery charges, import duty, GST on the total, each GBP costs around R38.00. As a comparison, a double Big Mac Burger is R8.60. Enough whinging.
    After many years of neglect, I have restarted my T type restorations. I worked world wide constructing process plants My only regret is not contacting like minded people during my travels. The only exception I recall was meeting Doug Pelton. He is amazingly diligent in his research and sourcing perfect parts. I have been fascinated by all the re-engineered improvements to our cars. Unfortunately, now that I have retired, my source of revenue to indulge my passion, has diminished and due to the economy and politics, become woefully inadequate. What should have been a comfortable pension now barely covers living expenses! Hence my interest in making the required bits and pieces.
    May I express my gratitude and appreciation for your publication, which is obviously a considerable undertaking. Long may you succeed and enjoy your endeavors.

  8. Peter G Banks says:

    A pertinent comment showing how politics can intrude in wise plans made so many years ago. I too reside in S.A. and experience the problems described when discussion about the price of spares starts with my colleagues.
    Many skills exist among those retired employees that through no fault of their own find themselves without employment and still young. The will exists to do something and all it will take is a market.
    Enjoy your classic as long as you can. Yes, we have the weather for open top driving but the standards of other road users put a limit on what can be arranged.

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