MG TC Brake Rod

The rod connecting the brake pedal and master cylinder on the MG TC has an articulation joint to allow for angular mismatch between the two components through the pedal travel when operating the foot brake.

The articulation joint on the rod removed from TC0894 during my ground up restoration was completely seized and that is no surprise as this small ball joint is fully exposed to the elements and all manner of road dirt.

I therefore considered it wise to add some modern protection to the joint by way of a flexible rubber cover.

After fruitless internet searches for something suitable I made a visit to a local breakers yard. Modern car engines are fitted with an array of sensors and the connectors to these, on some vehicles, have concertinaed rubber boots to keep out moisture.

On a Volvo I found a suitable looking item that cost me nothing.

After removing a small unwanted section of the boot it was slipped onto the rod (from the master cylinder end) with the aid of a little WD40 for lubrication and fits perfectly allowing the joint to move and provide protection.

I took the opportunity to add a little more grease around the joint as well.

The boot can be slipped on and off the hexagonal feature easily to allow adjustment and tightening of the brake lever lock nut.

The pre- and post-fitment can be seen in the photos.

Above and Below: pre- and post-fitment.

Steve Cameron
TC0894 (under full restoration)