MG TD Clutch Linkage

We all know about the problems associated with the TD/TF clutch linkages and the rods bending and breaking. This is a fully adjustable linkage that I made up to eliminate this problem and I am currently testing it on my TD. It is made up using stainless steel turnbuckles, rods and nuts. (It is far from easy to make threads on stainless steel rods!). Two brass bushes are turned to fit the original lever. This seats the rose joint via an Allen bolt and nyloc. The drawing (following page) shows the new hole location for the Mike O’Connor modification which really smoothens the clutch operation. The whole arrangement fits quite nicely. Fine adjustment is via the turnbuckles. Although it probably not the cheapest solution it should last forever and minimize the risk of breakage. I am considering making up some kits.

Declan Burns

Email: declan ‘underscore’ burns ‘at’ web ‘dot’ de. (It is very hard to see the underscore when the link is highlighted: [email protected])

Ed’s Note: Declan has just updated the information in his article; the photos he mentions are included on this page and the updated drawing is shown below. “I have managed to find a rose joint which will actually fit inside the pedal box. With the rose joint you can eliminate the play on the pedal. I have updated the drawing and taken a few photos of the installation. Next job will be a gaiter to stop any ingress of water through the hole in the front of the pedal box.”

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  1. carcondoguy says:

    also interesting in purchacing one for my TD if anyone is fabricating them. out of my skillset.

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