The Editor

Welcome to Issue 26, October 2014!

We’ve probably had the best of the season’s weather here in the UK, albeit there is talk of an ‘Indian Summer’ in September and stretching into October. It has certainly felt like it during this past week (week commencing Monday 1st September).

I’ve just come back from the TTT 2 Tour of the Isle of Wight which was enjoyed by 45 cars and their owners. Lots of positive feedback has been received and the following comment is not untypical:

“For us, the format was spot on, with enough time in the programme for prolonged stays at places of most interest to us, and of course a delight to meet many old friends and an opportunity to make new ones too”.

At the Saturday evening dinner I was presented with a tissue box to hold tissues which are used to wipe the dipstick when checking the oil. However, this is no ordinary tissue box; it is one made from several different types of wood by retired Furniture Maker and Designer and long time TC owner, Martin Franklin. On one side of the box (the sides are made from Sycamore which comes from Wormshill, Kent) is an engraved Octagon made from Holly grown in Hollingbourne, Kent. Certainly the work of a master craftsman and one which I will treasure.


The contents of the box were also interesting – several bank notes which are to be used to further the cause of T-Type motoring. They will be used wisely and I shall report back when I have decided what to do with the contents.

Paul Ireland has uploaded a video of the Tour to YouTube:

With no ‘cover story’ article this month, we decided to reach out to the followers of our MG T-Types Facebook page and ask them to send in their favourite photos of their cars to grace the front cover. Thank you to everyone who provided photos; the contributions were excellent, and we hope to publish many of them in future issues and/or on the MG T-Types Facebook page.

This issue’s cover features our favourite of those contributions: a photo sent in by Mike Killingsworth from Australia. Mike bought TC1918 in December 1971 as a “present” to himself for getting his Navy Wings. As a junior pilot posted to VS 816, a Grumman Tracker squadron, he managed to convince the captain of HMAS Melbourne that he should be allowed to transport his TC from Melbourne (city) to Sydney after it had been stored at his parent’s home during the squadron’s deployment to Singapore. Some fun photos then ensued whilst at sea! He still owns the car, albeit now fully restored (twice), and uses it regularly.


The 2015 Tour is already fully booked and a waiting list has been started. At the time of writing (6th September) there are four on the waiting list.

Mindful that there is likely to be even further demand for the 2015 Tour, Grant and Barbara Humphreys, our joint organisers, are going to see if we can accommodate a few more, albeit this is going to be seriously challenging.


As stated in the previous issue, the venue/area has not yet been decided The Malvern Hills might be a good test for the cars, not to mention their occupants!

Appointment of new DVLA representatives for the MG Octagon Car Club

I have agreed to act as the DVLA representative for the Club, along with Pete Moore, the Secretary. We can help you to obtain an age related registration number and also assist with the V765 procedure (reclaiming a ‘lost’ registration number). I have had excellent tuition from Roy Miller, who knows a lot more about the ‘ins and outs’ of this business than most. Thank you Roy!

Sale of TC0301 (Registration number FTL 60)

John Steedman is offering for sale his very early TC. An advert appears later in this issue. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire an immaculate TC at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild. Yes, it needs engine work but it is realistically priced. Hurry because it will go quickly!



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