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I’m writing this editorial towards the end of February, well ahead of schedule, as my editorial assistant (actually, the ‘organ grinder’ – I’m the ‘monkey’!) is off to the US soon for a holiday, so I have to bring everything forward as I’m lost without him.

In February last year we were visited by ‘The beast from the east’ and it was damn cold. This February has seen visits by Storms ‘Ciara’ and ‘Dennis’ from the west. Both brought mild gale force winds and lashes of rain from across the Atlantic. It has not been cold this winter and I can barely remember the occasions when we had an overnight frost.

However, one of the benefits of an overnight frost is that one usually gets some sun the next day. So, because we have had very few frosts, we have had very few sunny days and it has been quite miserable. It’s not really T-Type motoring weather, except for the brave and one is left dreaming of those balmy summer days (ha, ha!) to hopefully come along.

It’s important to try to remain cheerful and see the funny side of life. One recent incident made me chuckle. I met an old work colleague on the bus going into town and we were discussing the frailties of advancing years. I mentioned that my visits to the barber saw less and less hair being cut off these days and his retort was that when he visits the barber, he has first to pay a search fee!

The MG & Triumph Spares Show was quieter than usual, due no doubt, because it was held on the same weekend that ‘Storm Ciara’ paid us a visit. Despite this, we did reasonably well and sold most of our copies of Factory-Original MG T-Series. We still have a few copies at 27.50 GBP (the recommended retail is 40.00 GBP) plus postage. You can order direct from me at jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at) and bear in mind that the underscore makes the jj look like ii].

We managed to find space for Paul Ireland to promote his book Classic Engines Modern Fuels – The Problems, the Solutions. Paul sold a reasonable number of the advance copies that he had brought along and purchasers got a signed copy. Later in this Issue we tell you about a website that Paul has created; this hosts a bulletin board to back up his book.

Before I write any more, I ought to enlighten readers as to the characters in the picture. The editor (hands on hips) is with Keith Herkes [MGI8/80 (two!) and YB owner]. Paul Ireland is in the background.

Looking forward to the better weather. I have a few jobs to do on the cars. The rear crank seal ‘fix’ on the TF1500 has not worked, so has to go back. I also have an MGA 4.3 crown wheel and pinion, but that job will have to wait until next winter – I have somebody to help me with it.

I will need the TF back with me by the end of May as I want to go to Pre-war Prescott as part of the MG Octagon Car Club contingent. The Club has supported this event since its inception, so immediate post -war ‘squire-riggers’ are allowed.

At the start of every new year I say to myself “This is the year when the J2 will be finished” and every year it gets put back a year. Well, this year I have high hopes as there is only the wiring to do. Brian Rainbow has offered to help, so as long as Messieurs Rainbow and James don’t ‘fall off their perches’ it really will be the year! 

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  1. Jens Clasen says:

    Thank you, John, for all your efforts to get and share interesting informations to keep our darlings running!
    Avoid the virus and stay healthy, the time will come when we´ll be back on the road…

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