MG TD replacement clock with Ford stepper motor movement

These replacement clocks have a 3D printed housing which I have designed around a “Ford” stepper motor movement. This Swiss movement is driven by a quartz driver circuit mounted in a separate plastic casing which is mounted behind the dash. These stepper motors were used by Ford in the 1990s and are only available second hand from car breakers/salvage.

Fig 1: Stepper motor in 3D housing

The Ford movement is a snug fit in the 3D printed housing, and is faced with a custom-made TD replica aluminium dial. The dial is spray painted so it has a greenish hue. The hands are either 3D printed or the Ford hands are re-shaped to simulate the original TD hands.

Fig 2: Dial installed on plate above motor

The advantage of these clocks is that once installed and connected to the car battery, they are maintenance free. The quartz drive circuit casing is fitted with two push buttons, which are used to advance or retard the time setting. This is a very practical in countries which have summer and winter time changes. It would take a concourse judge with good eyesight and a microscope to recognize that these clocks are TD replica clock.

Fig 3: Clock installed in the TD rev counter
Fig 4: Clock control buttons

The movement of the clock is incremental and not a sweep movement. Every minute you hear a tiny click (obviously not if the engine is running!) and the minute hand steps forward one minute. My testing has shown that the time keeping of these old clock movements is excellent.        

Price 80€

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