DBL 54 (TC0554)

The story of DBL 54 is a familiar one, where “the best laid plans of mice and men” (see note) meant that the rebuild has only recently started.

The car has been owned since 1965 and was used as everyday transport until 1971, when it was left in the owner’s father’s garage. There it stayed, but the intention was always to re-house it in the owner’s garage. However, a delayed plan to retire early and set up his own Consultancy in 2000 meant that the owner was busier than ever and the MG did not get moved to his garage until 2007. The final change of plan was that a company for whom the owner had been doing some consultancy work, offered him a contract to reorganise it and place it on a sound footing. This took until 2018, when the owner finally retired.

Note.. ”of mice and men” comes from the poem by Robert Burns “To a mouse” and has evolved to mean that plans do not necessarily come to fruition when future commitments cannot be forecast.

Anyhow, to return to DBL 54…. the picture below was taken at the start of the dismantling process.

The next picture gives an indication of the general condition of the chassis.

A new body has been sourced and the engine is being rebuilt by Ron Ward:

valerieandron(at)gmail.com [please substitute @ for (at)]. A 5-speed gearbox has been ordered from H-Gear https://hi-gearengineering.co.uk/ to coincide with the completion of the engine.

Eric Worpe will be checking the front axle with the supply of proper fitting kingpins (those currently on the market having been found to be undersize).

DBL 54 looks set to return to her former glory!

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  1. Jan Mazgaj says:

    It`s when I see the progress being made by owners of our beloved MGs when taking a car that previously had been “abandoned” and returning it to its former glory that I too am enthused to start on my last acquisition. It`s a TC reputedly believe it or not laid up in 1956 that I acquired 18 months ago as an estate sale in the US. Work on my other cars has prevented me doing anything other than acquiring some of the obvious bits and pieces that have suffered damage or decay,however once my daughters `B` is out of the garage I hope to start.

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