TC1366 – Some detective work gets a result!

The story starts when the editor was contacted by Colin Harris (aka ‘Tweed’) at the end of April to see if I could help in tracing the present owner of a TC.

‘Tweed’ had been asked by the daughter-in-law of Colin Hutchinson, if he could help with tracing Colin’s old TC (TC1366, registration mark KPH 439). Pic of Colin below with his TC in the 1950s.

He noticed that TC1366 is shown on the T-Database as a very presentable TC that is on the road and wondered if I could help with the owner’s details. Unfortunately, I said I couldn’t because we don’t keep owners’ details. However, the registration mark KPH 439 ‘rang a bell’ with me as belonging to Richard Mascari.

I contacted Richard, who told me that he sold TC1366 to Andy King a couple of years ago. Andy sold it on to somebody in North Yorkshire, who rebuilt the car in 2 1/2 years from a box of bits.

Richard gave me some useful history of the car. It used to belong to Mark Sellick’s father and Richard purchased it in chassis form with a V5C in 2005/2006 from Barry Foster’s Montlhery Garage in Butleigh, South Somerset (Barry was garaging the chassis for Mark).

The chassis was not in a good state so that went up to Russell Truman for repairs in 2006/7 along with the bent front axle and damaged rear axle casing (which were spares that came with Richard’s very first TC that he bought with the help of his dad back in 1967 for the princely sum of £117.00 – Richard was only sixteen at the time).

The bulkhead and foot ramp were purchased from Peter Cole. The body tub, which was an early Naylor Bros. tub, came from Mark Deacon, a friend of the late Terry Andrews, who was building a TC special at the time and was stored in Terry’s ‘lockup’. Smaller items were purchased from the late Ben Hyams in Kent and also Digby Elliot. Other smaller items were purchased through small member’s ads in the club magazines etc.

Richard fully intended restoring the car but having completed one restoration (TC9622) he wasn’t sure if he could go through with another, so he sold the bits to Andy King.

The identity of ‘somebody in North Yorkshire’ was established with the help of the MG Octagon Car Club and contact was made with Chris Edwards, who was very pleased to learn some more of the history of his car.

Chris has managed to trace owners back to 1964 as follows:

Jan 64 William Martin Craven, Cleethorpes

April 65 Henry Robert Buchanan, Stourbridge, Worcestershire

Oct 65 S/Lt John Alexander Wilson, Plymouth (Royal naval Eng. College)

Dec 65 S/Lt Henry Peter Lansdown, Morpeth

Oct 76 Andrew Sellick, Taunton

Here’s a pic of KPH 439 Taken just after the finished restoration:

Some of this information was not received in time to pass on to Colin Hutchinson, but he received a surprise birthday present when ‘Tweed’ took his TC (TC0632 – JTT 423) to his house in Wisbech.

Pictured below is Colin with TC0632. I’ve promised to send him a copy of this issue of TTT 2 so he’ll see his old TC, after all these years.

2 thoughts on “TC1366 – Some detective work gets a result!

  1. Tim Parrott says:

    I served with Henry Lansdown on an Aircraft Carrier in the 1980s. He was a Lieutenant Commander by then,

    The Royal Naval Engineering College was located at Crown Hill in the north of Plymouth. It is now a housing estate with all trace of the college removed. I studied there in the 1970’s. There were a TA, a TC, a couple of TD’s, a TF and a J2 in my time. The TC was immaculate the rest were kept running on very tight budgets with frequent visits to the car bay in the workshops.

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