Supply of MG T-Type Ash Frames (including Timber Parts)

If you want a complete ash frame, or just a few timbers if you are keeping your original frame and you need to replace some rotted sections of it, there is plenty of choice of suppliers.

MOSS, NTG, Andy King (who has bought the stock and machinery from Rique Llinares – now retired), the Hutson Motor Company, Steve Gilbert (for a panelled body), will all be pleased to supply you.

I have recently received the following from Andy Denton, who served a five-year apprenticeship as a pattern maker.

“I started making Ash frames and parts in 1988 when I became an apprentice at Holroyd & Hall Pattern Makers in Clayton, Bradford, under the tuition of Mr Philip Robinson. He had taught my father pattern making when he went there 33 years previous. However, I didn’t go to work for my father as he wanted me to be taught by Mr Robinson, who would ensure that I would learn the trade correctly. Philip didn’t retire until I had completed my apprenticeship.

Holroyd & Hall supplied ash parts to Moss, Naylor Bros and Hutson Motor Company. Sadly, when Naylor Brothers got into difficulties over the Naylor

TF1700 it affected Holroyd & Hall. Hutsons bought Naylor Cars but soon realised that the brains of the operation were at Holroyd & Hall, so Philip Robinson was bought out and we became part of the Hutson Motor Co.

At 22 I left Hutsons for a change of career but I kept my hand in at pattern making by doing jobs at my father’s pattern shop. Philip Robinson went there for a short time, to bring the standard of pattern making back up to how it should be.

In 2001 my father retired and Airedale Pattern Co shut down. I would still see Philip Robinson regularly as he had started building a 1955 TF from scratch; new chassis, bulkhead, everything made brand new.

I spoke with Philip a couple of years ago about starting with the T-Types again, but at 85 he said he was too old. However, he said that he would help me in whatever way he could. So, over the last 18 months I have set up a full working Pattern Shop; we have re-done all the drawings, templates, all the jigs and tooling has been made and from next month the adverts will be in the MG Owners Club magazine.

I intend to make replacement chassis and bulkheads in the future, all the tooling has been done for the 54/55 TF – just the other models to tool up for.”

Andy sent me the following examples of his work:

Andy’s address is:
57 Main Road,
North Yorkshire,
Tel: 01757 617455

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  1. Ian Veale says:

    I recently bought a few bits from Andy for my TC restoration. He was friendly, helpful, reasonably priced and the parts I received were top quality. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

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