Interleaf Pads on TD/TF (and Y) Rear Springs

The Service Parts List for the TF Midget lists these as:

Rubber pad – interleaf ACG5232

Twenty four (24) are required.

As far as I know, this part number is common to the TD and Y-type.

As can be seen from the illustration in the YB Workshop Manual (the TD/TF manual has the same illustration) the pads were originally square, but the caption to the illustration pointed out that on some models the leaf rubber pad is circular and not square in shape as shown.

The picture below shows the 4th leaf down (the one with the clip) from an original TF spring and you can see that the pad is part circular but with squared off ends.

The following picture shows (a) how the rubber pads can wear and distort and (b) shows the holes drilled in each leaf to accept the pads (the second and third leafs are missing their pads).

At the suggestion of Barrie Jones, MGCC T Register Technical Specialist for the TD and TF models, I have had some of these interleaf pads made from Nylatron.

Nylatron is said to have high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness, good fatigue resistance, high mechanical damping ability, good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance. The cost is £2.07 per pad, which is less expensive than commercially available rubber pads and they should last a lot longer!

Although the Parts List specifies the quantity as 24, some people only order 20 because, as can be seen from the picture of the 4th leaf down, the hole in this leaf cannot be drilled right through, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to attach the clip.

I don’t know what was done originally (I suspect nothing) but there should be enough of a recess to fit an interleaf pad which has had its ‘nipple’ shortened.

I am aware that these pads are also fitted to the rear springs of MG ZA/ZB and no doubt the Wolseley 4/44.

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