Lost & Found

SMG 593 (TC – Chassis number not known)

Harvey Gurney is seeking information about this TC on behalf of his father, who is in his mid-80s. His dad owned the car in the 1950s and still talks about his time with it, including rebuilding the floor, the engine and a spraying job. That’s Harvey’s mother in the picture, 18 years young, a week after marrying his dad.

If you can help, Harvey is at harvey.gurney(at)talk21.com please substitute @ for (at).

EPD 926 (TA – Chassis number not known)

Gill Holdsworth would like to track down EPD 926, which she says was a red 1936 TA. It was rebuilt by her father and her grandfather (that’s her grandfather in the picture).  She believes that the car was bought by a Helmut Hellmun from Bassum, near Bremen, Germany. If you can help, Gill is at gill.holdsworth2(at)gmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)]. Here’s another picture of the car….

TA3239 (EUR 243)

Scott Peters would very much like to get in contact with the current owners of his dad’s TA. Scott sent me a very old pic of the car when it was at a charity event at the Severn Valley Railway, but he’s found another pic (the one shown above) when it was at the Wolverhampton Steam Fair and Transport Rally in June 2001. His dad has passed away but the car holds very special memories for Scott and he would love to see it again. If you can help, Scott is at scottpeters506(at)hotmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TC1936 (KRA 114)     A former owner of this car is seeking its whereabouts. He says it was first registered either in Blackpool or North Wales.  nhowarth(at)btconnect.com   [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA1542 (AOW 581)    Jeff van den Broek owned this car when he was at university in 1966. It was painted blue and he bought it for £70.Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a photo.

If you can help, please contact the editor via the website contact form.

TA2776 (MG 6249)

Simon Johnston has been in touch to say that he has an old log book for this car (a TA Tickford). He’s not sure how he came to have it, but he would like to send it to the present owner if s/he can be traced. Stewart Penfound, TA/B/C Registrar of the MGCC ‘T’ Register knew about the car from a photo in Safety Fast! back in 1985, but didn’t know the chassis number (now he does!).

The car does not show up from the DVLA search facility so the odds are that it has not survived, but you never know. If you can help, please contact the editor.

CVB 452 (TA – Chassis number not known)

This photo was posted on the Triple-M forum by Tim Phelps on behalf of a friend’s mother, who used to own the car. Apparently, the lady’s husband insisted that she sell it as the doors kept flying open!

You can’t see them from the photo, but the car has twin spares. If you can help, please contact the editor.

Whilst we are about it does anybody know anything about CVB 453? Unsurprisingly, this is also a TA (chassis number not known). There is a picture of this car in the concours line-up at the 1989 Beltring Premier concours and Autumn Gathering in the February 1990 Safety Fast! CVB 453 shows up on the DVLA search facility as ‘Untaxed’ since January 2009 with the last V5C recorded as 21st December 2004. CVB 452 doesn’t show up.

TF8330 (KWM 320)

This car was pictured in the previous issue with (at the time) chassis number not known. Both Barrie Jones (TF Registrar for the ‘T’ Register) and Roy Miller (a previous Historian for the Register) contacted me with the chassis number. Barrie pointed out that the record he holds for the car is a very old one, dating back to the formation of the Register.

Roy took the opportunity to ask if I could post a request for details of his first TF1500, details of which follow.

LKU 261 (TF1500 – Chassis number not known)

This car was Roy’s first TF1500 that he owned from 1960 to 1963. It was red/red with disc wheels (most Home Market TF models were supplied with disc wheels, whilst wire wheels mostly went on export cars). It was sold by Hoffman Motors of Canal Street, Bradford and first registered on 25th March 1955. The West Yorkshire Archive Records in Wakefield, hold the motor taxation records of the  former Bradford City Council Licensing Authority but unfortunately, do not show the chassis number. By a process of eliminating the known and identified factory painted red cars it could be one of about 10 cars built before 25 March. It does not show up from the DVLA search facility, but last known record by DVLA was June 1974 in Ely, Cambridgeshire. At a guess, it could have been exported by a returning serviceman, who knows?

If you can help, Roy can be contacted at: roymill(at)waitrose.com [Please substitute @ for at)].

TB0623 (JPH 6) 

Following publication of the list of known (to DVLA) TBs in the UK in Issue 61 (August 2020), Martin Vanags left the following comment against the article on the website: I have a beautiful large photo of TB0623 Index number JPH 6 which was taken in Swansea in the winter of 1962. If the current owner would like a copy can he please contact me by email.

I subsequently contacted Martin and gave him the owner’s address as he said he would like a copy.

I’m not sure what happened, but there appears to have been a breakdown in communication as Martin has not heard back from the owner.

Martin has removed the copyright and given permission for the photograph to be included in TTT 2.  He also sent the following details about the photograph:

This photo was taken in December 1962/January 1963 in Uplands Crescent, Swansea when Wales had its big freeze.

The photo was taken by the late Romans Erins, a Latvian professional photographer who had settled in Swansea after the war and the founder of Three Star Photo. 

The original photo is quite large ..from memory it’s about 12 x 8 inches but can’t be sure of exact size without going back to Swansea and digging it out.

TC0924 (KPF 195)

There has been a recent enquiry about this car. A couple of requests for information were included in Issues 53 and 55, but nothing so far. If you can help, please contact the editor.

TC1518 (currently without a registration mark)

Darryl Mitchell is seeking the history of his TC. It was acquired by his dad in packing crates in 1980 in South Africa. Darryl reckons that judging by the numerous pictures he has of the contents of the packing crates all those years ago (one of which is shown below), there were parts from two TCs as some parts were left over from the rebuild of a friend’s TC (Peter Daly). Darryl’s TC was finished in 1994.

Having recently arrived in the UK with his cars TC1518 and an Austin Healey 3000 pictured below, he is keen to try and trace the TC’s history. Applications for an age-related registration mark for each car are currently with the DVLA.

TF5400 (APB 532A)

As you’ll note, this car has a modern (1962) registration number. It is not entirely clear how this came about.

One possible explanation is that, according to MGCC ‘T’ Register registrar for the TF model (Barrie Jones), the car spent some time in France. If so, on its return to the UK the original number could have been reclaimed.

Another possible explanation is that the car may have originally started out in life with a distinctive registration number e.g. CKB 6, or an MG registration number and the owner at the time might have sold it to a company dealing in registration plates. I know of such a case involving a J2 and the owner of this 1933 car ended up with an ‘A’ suffix. In order to obtain a registration number more in keeping with the age of the car, the owner had to buy a number from a registration plates dealer.

I know that this is very much a ‘long shot’, but if the car went abroad, we could get the original number back… if only we knew it! If anybody out there can help, would they please contact the Editor.