Sale of M.G. FI Stiles

Now for something different! member, Peter Hutchinson from Pennsylvania, USA sent me the following a couple of months ago….

As everything “T” aficionados, we also appreciate everything M.G.  A recent sale at the Owl’s Head Museum, Maine, USA brought M.G. cars into the limelight.  A 1932 M.G. F1 Magna Stiles Special Threesome, one of the rarest MGs, sold for $236,500.00 (204,000.00 EUR), (175,000 GBP), (AU$320,000). 

Stiles of London made 30 of these custom aluminum Stiles Special Threesome bodies for the 1932 F1 Magna chassis.  The body was designed by Frederick Stiles who was the British Concessionaire and Racing Team Manager for Alfa Romeo between 1927 and 1931.  James Young was the coachbuilder.  There are only five known survivors and this one is the only one in North America. 

English anaesthetist, Dr Frankis Evans (1900-1974) bought the car as a birthday present for his wife in May 1932.  The M.G. was discovered in a barn over 30 years ago and through extensive research the car was restored to near original condition.  The car was painted the original ocean-blue metallic with beige trim color as found on the body and in the Stiles Company original sales brochure.  Brooklands Engineering Works, Stratford, Connecticut, rebuilt the original 6-cylinder OHC 1271cc Wolseley engine.  The interior was restored to the original brown rexine with beige carpet material.  All gauges are original to the car and rebuilt with the exception of the oil pressure gauge.  An original, correct Maltese Cross oil gauge was found and restored, completing the instrument cluster to full originality. Every body panel, with the exception of the hood sides and rear fenders, is original to the car.  The rear fenders were hand-crafted from patterns from the original design.  In short, every aspect of this vehicle was taken apart, inspected, repaired, and/or restored as needed.  The Stiles M.G. is included in automotive historian Tom Cotter’s book “The Cobra In The Barn”. 

Given its historical documentation, authenticity and quality of restoration, this particular Stiles Special is considered by many to be the finest, most award winning, and surviving example in the world.  Following restoration, this MG has been invited to some of the most prestigious concours shows in America, winning numerous prizes. 

2014:  AACA’s S.F Edge Trophy

2015:  Amelia Island

2015:  Arizona Concours

2018:  Greenwich Concours Best in class

2017:  Boston Cup Best in Class

2019:  Ault Park Concours (Cincinnati) Best in Class

Thank you, Owls Head Museum, Maine, for the opportunity to see this unique and beautiful piece of rolling M.G. history.

Ed’s note: I have never seen any make of car ‘in the flesh’ with a ‘rumble seat’ (American English) ‘dicky’ (dickie, dickey) seat (British English). It is also called a ‘mother-in-law’ seat. I imagine that it must be pretty unnerving, sitting in one of these!

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  1. Jan Johnson says:

    I saw this car at Ault Park as it was near Brenda Benzar’s ’34 NA; owners were very friendly and
    the wife encouraged me to get my ’36 TA on the road (long drawn-out resto.) Jan W.G. Johnson

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