Front Cover – TF9823 (SFF 729)

The front cover shows my son, Steve and his wife, Magda on their wedding day back in September. Steve helps me with the technical bits on the magazine and website and without him there would be neither.

To non-MG folk I refer to my TF1500 as ‘my modern M.G.’ – this usually results in a look of incredulity, until I add that my other car is a 1933 model.

I have had more than my fair share of problems with the car (bought as a totally restored car), but these are gradually being ironed out. I have learnt the hard way that if you want anything done on the car, to do it oneself and not to trust what has been done by someone else.

The purists will not like my choice of a Sierra 5-speed gearbox and a 4.3 MGA axle, but they give the car very ‘long legs’ with which it has plenty of power to cope.

I’m very fortunate to be able to call on Barrie Jones, Technical Specialist for the TD & TF models for the MGCC ‘T’ Register and Roy Miller Technical Specialist for the TF model for the Octagon Car Club.

I have two copies of this book on offer for £25 each, plus UK postage of £3.20. The price on the inside cover of the jacket is £40. 

The book contains 160 pages and has more than 340 illustrations. It provides a detailed guide, in words and pictures, to correct factory specification and equipment of all models of the MG T-Series cars from TA to TF1500, including the TA Tickford drophead coupe.

Obtainable from John James jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)]. Payment can be accepted by PayPal to paypal(at)  or bank transfer (email for details) or by cheque payable to The MG ‘T’ Society Ltd and sent to 85 Bath Road, Keynsham BRISTOL BS31 1SR.

The book can be sent outside of the UK, but postage rates are very high (particularly to the US), so it is best to email for a quote.

I’ll close this Issue with a couple of quotes from the legendary Bill Thomson, extracted from letters between him and Björn-Eric Lindh from Sweden (there was no email in those far off days of the 1960s….).

This one was by way of an apology from Bill for getting behind with his correspondence… “I am so sorry and do apologise – you know that I think that giving service to MG owners, wherever they may be, is almost the first thing in my life.”

I have just bought a 1250 TF and doing a bit to it, and also bought for the grand sum of £2 a very dodgy M-type with a genuine back and a four-speed ‘box with alloy front housing. It’s not all there (perhaps I am not also for buying it), but maybe might be able to make something of it.”

Drive safely – I hope to be back with Issue 70 in 2022.