Urgent Warning for XPAG Owners

The following warning from Paul Ireland was included as a ‘News’ item on the ttypes.org website on 2nd October. Not everybody has access to the website and some of those that do may have missed the item, so it is published in this issue of the magazine.

Is your car fitted with an XPAG engine and does it have an oil pressure gauge? If so read this warning.

On the early TCs the oil pressure gauge is mechanical and connected to the main oil gallery on the engine by a flexible hose between the engine and bulk-head.

In 2004 / 2005 I replaced my hose with a new one bought from Moss. (Photo 1)

Photo 1 – the first hose referred to in the text (the one that failed).

Like another TC owner who reported this issue in the Octagon Car Club magazine, I fortunately noticed this hose was about to fail before it actually did. Needless to say, the consequences of such a failure can be very expensive as it will cause an instant total loss of oil pressure.

The problem arises from the fact that the ends are straight sided and it would appear the hose has been push fitted and glued. In the case of my car, the engine end of the hose had 1⁄4” gap where the oil pressure had pushed the hose down the ferrule. One very slight pull and it came off completely.

As you can see from Photo 2, my replacement has crimped on ends and is rated at 6000psi.

Photo 2 – the second hose referred to in the text, the one with crimped on ends and rated at 6000 psi.

It can be ordered from:

Piratek Ipswich, 20a Riverside Industrial Park, Rapier Street, Ipswich IP2 8JX Tel: 01473 688288

If you send your spiral wrapping spring, they will fit it for you.

One thought on “Urgent Warning for XPAG Owners

  1. Erik Benson says:

    Yes. . .that was an article I wrote in to MG Octagon CC a year ago. It was on my early TD -so not just a TC problem
    It’s the brass fitment tube that is at fault. . . . .throw it away ! I am STILL finding oil traces under the car and under the running board strips after it lost most of the oil ages ago. The proper brass tube in the fitment should be shouldered, Any amount of crimping isn’t going to stop the flexi hose sliding off one day. . .I can’t think what Moss are dreaming of.

    Flexi Hose Moss

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