MG TA Rear Telescopic Shock Absorbers (Update)

The June issue (Issue 12) contained an article by Ian Linton describing suitable brackets for installing telescopic shock absorbers to the rear of the TA. The article was accompanied by a drawing. Following a number of comments, Ian has revised his original drawing to reflect these comments and further measurements and this is included in this issue.

Ian is grateful to all those who contacted him.

Telescopic Shock Absorbers

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2 thoughts on “MG TA Rear Telescopic Shock Absorbers (Update)

  1. Richard Braithwaite says:

    Is there a photograph illustrating a completed installation as this would be most useful in understanding the practicalities

  2. Brian Bax says:

    I converted my TC rear dampers using this very helpful article as guidance.
    I remembered someone mentioning that classic Mini shock absorbers can be used so purchased a set of KYB adjustable front units.For Mini parts they are expensive but still only the price of one Luvax PR6 ‘overhaul’.
    Mini units have enough travel but are much shorter and lighter and you can easily adjust the KYBs damping characteristics to your requirements.

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