Reconditioning the XPAG Water Pump

In the October issue of TTT 2 I mentioned that I’d just had my XPAG water pump reconditioned by E.P. SERVICES of Wolverhampton (Tel: 01902 452914). When I sent the pump I asked the company if they would take photos of each stage of the operation and they duly obliged. So here’s what they sent me!

Photo 1 shows my water pump as supplied, ready for reconditioning.

Photos 2 and 3 show old unit after stripping down. Photo 3 is a close up of photo 2 to show worn parts and worn seal face on impellor.

Photo 4 – new bearings, larger modified seal and impellor face, shown machined and polished

Photo 5 – body and pulley de-greased, bead blasted and painted shown with all new parts.