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Newsletter – November 2012

This is the first of a set of planned monthly Newsletters to all involved in the XPAG engine trial. The research project is being run by a team of 4th Year MSc Undergraduate students of the Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering Department (MACE) at Manchester University (formerly UMIST) under the guidance of Professor John Yates and Dr Rob Prosser. The six students undertaking this research project, work with the minimal of direction, and have access to the excellent departmental engineering facilities, an engine test cell and can call on the expertise of the Lecturers and Technical staff.

The project started formally on 5 October when the students were briefed by John Yates and Rob Prosser after which, as the client representative, I met with the group. It was clear that even at this early stage, all the members were very keen, knowledgeable and already aware of many of the problems faced by classic car owners using modern fuels. I spent time explaining the operation of two of the key components of the XPAG engine, the distributor and carburettors to help them when the time comes to getting the engine running. It is hard to believe such important parts to a classic MG owner probably went out of use before these students were born!

The project will use an XPAG engine loaned by Andrew Owst, a long-time member of the MGCC from the Bristol area, delivered to Manchester by David Heath. It will be fitted with a fully rebuilt distributor on loan from the Distributor Doctor and a pair of gleaming new carburettors on loan from Burlen. The XPAG engine was running when it was removed from the car, however, since then most of the “external” parts, such as oil pump, filter, etc. have been removed. I showed the group the engine, a box of replacement parts lent by NTG in Ipswich and the engine test cell they will be using. One job for them will be to remove the diesel engine currently in the cell before their tests can be run.

As part of their academic assessment, the next task for the group is to produce a plan, budget and milestones for presentation to John Yates and Robert Prosser. The Group are planning to come up with engine mount designs to allow the XPAG to be installed in the test cell which will be submitted for manufacture towards the end of October as soon as the dimensions are finalised. They are also in the process of deciding what tests they will be carrying out.

Peter Cole has kindly agreed to act as treasurer for the project. Please could the sponsors either transfer their donations to:

Manchester XPAG (Account No: 73699250, Sort Code: 20-44-51) and email Peter pcoleuk(at) {substitute @ for (at)} once this has been done.

Or post a cheque made payable to “Manchester XPAG” to: Mr Peter Cole, 8 Aldbourne Drive, Bognor Regis PO21 4NE

Time now for you to book a place at T Register Rebuild 2013 on 23 March to meet with the Group and discuss the project yourselves. See for further information.

Paul Ireland

Ed’s Note: A cheque for £500 has been sent as a contribution from TTT 2.

Distributor Doctor

The test cell with diesel engine currently installed. This engine will be removed to make way for the XPAG engine.