The Editor

Welcome to Issue 56 – October 2019.

We had a marvellous weekend in mid-Wales on the Totally T-Type 2 tour and couldn’t have wished for better weather. Since we’ve now been back for a couple of weeks‘ it is noticeable how autumn has arrived, almost without warning – chilly mornings and evenings and the days seem to be progressively getting shorter.

One regret was that I didn’t get the opportunity (it being the Bank Holiday weekend) to visit the Riversimple company, who are based in Llandrindod Wells where we were staying. This young company is using hydrogen fuel cell technology in a car, known as the Rasa, which has been designed with aerodynamics in mind and a lightweight body.

I find nowadays that unless I write things down I completely forget. Having spoken to Colin Fitzgerald, owner of TA0251 following the publication of an article on the two prototype TAs, TA0251 and TA0252 in Issue 54, I promised him that I would clarify in Issue 55 some comments made about his car. Of course, I completely forgot!

The debate was about the differences between TA0251 and TA0252 and in commenting on TA0251’s body style I said that it is not known if this rear body styling was original to the car, but it seems odd that two cars built as prototypes within one month of each other would have such different styling at the rear.

Colin was concerned that my wording could have been interpreted as casting doubt on the originality of the body styling of his car and pointed out that this was how the car was before he bought it and that a number of experts had inspected the car. This was not my intention and I am happy to publish Colin’s remarks to set the record straight.

We have had a number of visitors to 85 Bath Road, Keynsham in the last few weeks.

John and Robin Libbert from Milford, Ohio were visiting the UK, which included, inter alia, a trip to Pre-War Prescott. As one of their overnight stopping places was Bath, just down the road from us, they called in for a ‘natter’.

Last weekend we had a visit from Douglas and Yani Wallace from Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. They were accompanied by Doug’s pal, Derek Simpson from Norwich and Ian Wilson from Brough, East Yorkshire. Ian is the Chairman of the MGCC MGA Register. They were on their way to west Wales where they were overnighting before catching the ferry to Ireland.

A couple of days before penning this editorial Carl Drolshagen from Sorup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany called in. Carl had been to the Beaulieu autojumble and was on his way to the Midlands to visit an old friend. Carl has two Triple-M cars and a TC.

I didn’t have room for the above picture in Lost & Found. It is TC0281, formerly an Oxford police car.. Filiep Vandamme is trying to trace the car’s history. filiepvandamme(at) [please substitute @ for (at)]

The scammers have been at it again. Oleg Shekhovtsov and James Atwood have both been active. Mr Atwood has been replying to WANTED adverts for virtually every model of the T-Series and he also says that he has an MG (model not given) which he wants to sell for the giveaway price of $3,800 due to his health issues.

The accounts for The MG ‘T’ Society Limited for the year ended 31st October 2018 are included in the website under PUBLICATIONS. Go to click on PUBLICATIONS and input your user name and password.

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