Lost and Found

TA0744 (YWG 356)

Craig Egglestone is trying to trace the history of his smart looking TA. It came back to the UK from Steve’s British Connection in Illinois sometime after June 2014. It is not known whether it was exported from new or went out to the US after spending time in the UK. The registration mark is an age-related one. Craig.egglestone1962(at)sky.com [please substitute @ for (at)].

TC????? (MHW 658)

Matthew Whiteman would love to make contact with the current owner of his father’s TC, pictured here with him in 1958. Chassis number is unknown, but from the DVLA enquiry facility it was registered in December 1949, so It must have been one of the last few TCs built. The car is taxed and insured and sports green coachwork. It would be really good to hear from the owner if he or she could get in touch with Matthew at kinomatto(at)gmail.com [please substitute @ for (at)].

TD3612 (LXB 863)

Lost and Found items don’t always appear in this column as a result of a specific request. In this particular case, a past owner, Frank Fletcher, had contacted the editor to enquire where he might source a wheel brace for his TD. Frank was advised to contact NTG Motor Services, who came up trumps.

Following this, Frank sent me a picture of his TD (“Gordon”) which he acquired from “Bangers and Cash”. “Gordon” (TD27532) had only one long term lady owner and was sent by Frank to Ricketts Restorations for four years – it looks wonderful!

Gordon” (TD27532) with his two friends.

However, I digress. Included with Frank’s e-mail which attached the picture of “Gordon” was a postscript “My first TD, LXB 863 I think is still around – if you have any info on that one ????”

LXB 863 was purchased from Wivelsfield Garage East Sussex it was mint and colour MG light blue tan interior and hood.

TD3612 (LXB 863)

The DVLA enquiry facility shows LXB 863 as currently taxed and it still has blue bodywork (probably Clipper Blue).

If the present owner reads this, it would be good if he or she could contact Frank at: frankjfletcher(at)gmail.com [please substitute @ for (at)].

TD26050 (NEL 366)

This car was featured in the previous issue. Past owner David Smith has found another photo when the car was red. He can be contacted at uptlou(at)gmail.com [please substitute @ for (at)].

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