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DVLA – Change of ownership

One of our members has recently received a worrying communication from the DVLA.

The letter from the Agency advised him that an application to register a new keeper for one of his cars had been received and if there was no response from him within 14 days a new V5C would be issued to the person who had made the application.

In a state of shock, our member decided to visit his local police station with ownership evidence. The police phoned DVLA to check on authenticity and it was indeed confirmed the letter had been issued by DVLA.

The DVLA have since withdrawn the letter.

There are a couple of points to be made here:

Firstly, a DVLA communication which has a time limit for a response regarding a matter such as this should surely be sent by Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ service, so that the Agency can be sure that the letter has been received. What if the addressee happened to be on holiday?

Secondly, if a response had not been forthcoming and a V5C had been issued to the “new keeper”, a V5C is not proof of ownership.

In this particular case, if I was on the receiving end, I would want a full enquiry to be instituted as to the circumstances surrounding the issue of this DVLA communication and the name of the person claiming to be the new keeper. I would write to my Member of Parliament, who would ask the Chief Executive of the DVLA for an explanation.

Dave’s Doughnuts

You must be getting a little tired of reading about these! I’ve just sent a pair to Switzerland and only have three pairs left.

I’d better get ‘cooking’ as they will shortly be featured in the Octagon Car Club Bulletin, which is certain to produce yet more orders.

Feedback on their effectiveness is very good. The latest report is from Philippe Ritter in France, who has just ordered a pair for his TR4A. He ordered a pair for his TA a couple of months’ ago and reported as follows:

“A small message to inform you that the doughnuts do work nicely in my MG. Smooth drive, no noise coming from the rear of the car at acceleration and deceleration.”

To order a pair, please send an e-mail to the editor at jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)].

Ian Ailes’ TD is now well and truly on the road. After what must have seemed like a never-ending restoration, petrol must have gone up a bit since the last time he filled the tank for five bob a gallon!

Extract from Auction Catalogue of Hussey’s of Exeter, August 1974

Chris Runciman kindly sent me this extract of a marked up1974 auction catalogue. Lot number 26, TC4437 (HDD 218) did not meet its reserve price of 975 GBP and was withdrawn from sale. It is not known if this TC has survived.

Lot number 23, a Jaguar XK140 fixed head coupe with C type cylinder head, sold for 410 GBP. The car has survived and is taxed and insured. A wise investment as current value must be 80,000 GBP plus!!

One thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Jaap Jan van der Weel says:

    As recently started Registrar of the Netherlands T-Type register, I have found out the following:
    TC4437 Has been in the netherlands from
    20-02-1979 Licence Nederland Plate DG-99-FN
    21-06-2002 Private owner
    04-06-2004 Idem
    25-04-2018 car seller
    30-04-2018 unknown, probably for export
    Car licence now not known in the Netherlands

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