The Editor

Welcome to Issue 38, October 2016.

If this issue is a little late, I’m afraid that preparations for the TTT 2 Tour of the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley have eaten into my time.

The tour, which took place during the last week of August was enjoyed by everybody and it was good to experience the camaraderie, with all the new participants being made to feel welcome. An interesting statistic, which co-organiser Brian Rainbow came up with, was that all but one of the crews were members of the MG Octagon Car Club.

Commiserations must go to Charles and Pam Cook, whose TD MKII suffered a broken clutch cable on the Saturday run. It was doubly unfortunate for Charles because the breakdown occurred at the top of the Gospel Pass and a recovery truck could not reach him due to the narrow road. He had to drive the 2 ½ miles to Hay-on-Wye in second gear to meet the recovery truck, which took him back to the hotel. Then, of course, it was Bank Holiday weekend, so, in the normal course of events it would not have been possible to source a new cable until the Tuesday (for Wednesday delivery). However, such are the benefits of MG Octagon Car Club membership that our hero, Pete, Secretary of the Club, arranged for a same day courier on the Bank Holiday Monday and the cable arrived at the hotel on Monday evening! By mid-morning on the Tuesday, Charles and Pam were on their way home.

This is not the first time that Pete Moore has pulled out all the stops to help a member in trouble, so a big ‘thank you’ to him for going way above and beyond the call of duty.

The only other problem I heard about was a mis-fire in David Bishop’s TD. As is usual on these occasions, several tour participants rallied around and the problem was diagnosed as a faulty plug. David would like to thank James Thacker and Roy Miller in particular (and I was able to let David have a set of new NGK plugs).

You can read a Tasmanian’s (Derek Holden) account of the tour later in this issue. Also, Paul Ireland is beavering away putting together a video of the weekend. If you have any photos which you took whilst you were out and about you can send them to me and I’ll forward them on.

Next year’s tour is based on the Chichester Park Hotel The Tour organisers are Vanessa and Peter Cole who have reserved 50 of the hotel’s 81 rooms. Booking details are as follows:

Telephone number of the hotel is 01243 817434.

Booking reference is GA000367. The hotel will ask for your credit card details to confirm the booking, but nothing will be deducted until your arrival. An acknowledgement of booking will be e-mailed which includes the hotel’s cancellation policy.

When you have booked, Peter would appreciate an e-mail advice from you to let him know that you have booked. Peter’s e-mail address is as follows: pcoleuk(at)

The rates confirmed are as follows:

Thursday: (for those who want to arrive a day early) £100.00 per room based on 2 guests sharing to include dinner, bed & breakfast

Friday: £135.00 per room based on 2 guests sharing to include dinner, bed & breakfast

Saturday: £135.00 per room based on 2 guests sharing to include dinner, bed & breakfast

Sunday: £100.00 per room based on 2 guests sharing to include dinner, bed & breakfast

Single Occupancy rooms will incur a supplement of £25.00 per night (so £92.50 for Friday or Saturday, £75.00 for Thursday or Sunday) but the first 3 single occupancy rooms will not incur this supplement.

I’ve just phoned Peter for a quick check on the bookings and he says that around one third of the rooms are already booked.

For 2018 we are looking to hold the tour in the Cotswolds. A very nice hotel, just outside Stow-on-the-Wold has been identified and ‘Chief Negotiator’ Brian Rainbow is currently working on a package deal. It’s a sobering thought that nowadays one has to book two years in advance to secure fifty rooms in a good quality hotel – the reason? It’s down to the popularity of weddings at these establishments.

Looking ahead to 2019 it’s likely that we will be looking at either Derbyshire or Shropshire.

In the last issue I reported that Companies House had returned our application for incorporation as a Limited Company because I had used the wrong print of Form INO1 (Application to register a company). The application using the latest print is now with them. More details in the next issue.JOHN JAMES