Bits and Pieces

I purchased my 1951 model TD two and a half years ago. Apart from adding extras, such as tonneau, luggage rack, MG Midge mascot, etc and chroming a few parts, everything seemed OK, except the clock did not work.

I took the clock out and after cleaning and a few adjustments, managed to get it going again, and it still runs today.

I wrote an article for TTT2 (Issue 24) offering to repair any other clocks that had stopped working. So far I have had one TA clock (which is mechanical) and 18 TD and TF clocks sent to me. I have managed to repair 14 clocks.

Recently at a village fete, I met a Mr Ed Rayment who owns a 1953 MG TD with a non-working clock. He agreed to bring it over for me to look at and left it with me. I cleaned it and made a few adjustments but it would only run for a few seconds. Whilst it was running, I noticed that the main pivot arm that holds the flywheel and balance spring was not only rotating but also moving up and down slightly at the non-jewelled bearing end.

This indicated that the mounting pin at the end of the pivot was bent. The pin is hardened steel so straightening it would risk snapping it.

I have an old friend who is into watches so I asked for his advice. He took it away and took it to bits. We found that the pin had been completely melted, so presumably the battery voltage had somehow been applied across this point.

My friend managed to grind the welded blob off, re-drilled the end of the shaft and fitted a new hardened pin.

Melted pin as found with new fitted hardened pin.

The clock now works and is back with its owner. If anyone has a non-working clock please do not hesitate to contact me: David Ward Warddavidc’at’


I’ve recently had an enquiry about the supply of new rear springs for the TF. I have in the past arranged for batches of road springs to be made by Brost Forge and I am willing to do so again if the demand is there. The arrangement is that I collate the orders (a minimum of four pairs is usually necessary) and pass them on to Chris Wann, proprietor of the company. The transaction is then between the customer and Brost Forge with no further involvement on my part.

The price is not known at present, but it will be competitive. The springs are supplied with holes drilled to take the interleaf pads; I understand that not all springs on the market are supplied like this.

Of course, you can go direct to Brost for your springs, but it should be possible to get a better price for a ‘bulk’ order.

Brost Forge: Unit 7, 149 Roman Way, London N7 8XH Phone: 020 7607 2311

John James: 85 Bath Road, Keynsham, BRISTOL BS31 1SR Phone: 0117 986 4224 jj(at) {substitute @ for (at).

Interleaf Spring Pads for TD/TF/Y Rear Springs made from Nylatron

Mention was made above of interleaf pads. I have had some of these made from Nylatron following a suggestion by Barrie Jones, MGCC T Register Technical Specialist, for the TD and TF models.

Nylatron is said to have high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness, good fatigue resistance, high mechanical damping ability, good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance. The cost is £2.07 per pad, which is less expensive than commercially available rubber pads and they should last a lot longer!

Twenty four (24) are required for a pair of TD/TF/Y springs and are available from the Editor (contact details under the ‘TF Rear Springs’ paragraph).


I have had these made in polyurethane as an alternative to rubber.

The spring ‘saddles’ cost £5 each – four (4) are required; the angle pads for the spring clips cost £3.50 each – eight (8) are required. Both are available from the Editor (contact details under the ‘TF Rear Springs’ paragraph).

Polyurethane suspension bushes TC & TD/TF

The Editor can supply the following:

Part number 0073 5/8 inch bush for TC spring ‘eyes’ £3.25 each. Eight (8) required.

Part number 0074 ¾ inch bush for TC upper front shackle pin (chassis ‘tube’) £3.50 each. Four (4) required.

{Part number 0074 is also the part for the TD/TF rear suspension. Eight (8) required}.

Part number 0145 large bush for large rear shackle pin at rear of TC £4.50 each. Four (4) required.

Part number 011 Front inner wishbone kit for TD/TF £21.75.

Practical M.G. TD – 6.99 GBP plus postage Available from the T-Shop or direct from John James (use the website contact form)

Drive defensively – Safety Fast!

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  1. Steve Hanegan says:

    To All Concerned: I have used the Nylatron interleaf pads supplied by Mr. James in the restoration of leaf springs for an MG ZB Magnette, and found them to be of the highest quality and certainly fit and suitable for the purpose. As ANY interleaf pads are getting rather thin on the ground here in the colonies, I was most appreciative to be able to obtain them through the efforts of Mr. James and this site. They have made all of the difference in the world to the ride and handling of my project Magnette, and I am particularly grateful for his efforts.

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