Front Cover Story

TA1013 was one of four relatively early TAs (TA1011 to 1014) produced by the Factory in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) state. The Production Records are not specific as to the date, but if one refers to the dates of production of finished built cars with chassis numbers before and after the ‘kits’ (essentially they were a kit of parts to be assembled, probably by a dealership) they would most likely have been ready for crating up, either on the last day of production in 1936 (23rd December) or the first day of production in 1937 (6th January 1937).

Whilst the chassis numbers for these CKD ‘kits’ are listed in sequence in the Production Records there is also a separate entry alongside each with the designation ‘EXP’ e.g. TA1013EXP. ‘EXP’ almost certainly stood for ‘Export’ since we know that TA1389 and TA1390 went to Australia as chassis only and are designated TA1389EXP/CHASSIS & TA1390EXP/CHASSIS. However, the record keeping does not appear to be consistent since TA1980, which graced the front cover of TTT 2 (Issue 8 – October 2011) was exported to Australia, yet there is no ‘EXP’ designation.

TA1013 was registered as ZB 1570, a County Cork registration mark so it is not inconceivable that all four TA ‘kits’ went to the same dealership in Ireland. It would be interesting to learn of some details of its time in Ireland (and of the other three TAs, if in fact they were sent there) but increasingly, with the passage of time it becomes more difficult to trace historical details – we are going back 80 years!

ZB 1570 somehow found its way to Gloucester, since it is recorded as being there in the late 1960s. The car then fell into disrepair as shown in the following pictures:

It was purchased in this state in August 1987 by the then owner, who later asked Naylor Bros. to carry out a complete restoration. Naylors started the job in March 2000 and completed it in August 2011. Cost is not known but would certainly make your eyes water!

The current owner bought the car from Spinning Wheel Garage in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on 01/09/2015. Incredibly, the car had only covered 300 miles from its completion by Naylors in 2011 and the September 2015 date of purchase.

Once purchased it was necessary to upgrade a few parts as standing does these vehicles no favours. With the primary use of the car for long drives and rallies in mind, the decision was taken to give it ‘longer legs’ and fit a Hi Gear Engineering 5-speed gearbox. This has been very successful, putting less stress on the XPAG engine and enabling the car to keep up with traffic in a safer manner on long hauls.

The car really performed well to and from the Le Mans Classic and as France was her ‘maiden voyage’ and she cheerily ‘sang’ her way there and back, she has been christened ‘Chantelle’.

The plan for this winter is to uprate the engine to better cope with the higher gearing and then the “sky’s the limit”. ZB1570 seems to want to go on more tours and is enjoying the freedom to explore again. She will soon have another opportunity as a

Southern Ireland tour is in the planning with a visit to her old home of County Cork.

ZB 1570 will be used and not ‘kept in a glass case’.