TB0362 GNA 175

TB0362 graced the front cover of February’s issue (Issue 40). I promised in the April issue that I would reproduce some of the photos of the rebuild that owner, Sergio Pagano sent me, along with a few more pictures taken by the professional photographer, Daniele Bilotto from Marano Principato (Cosenza) – Italy.

Following the publication of Issue 40, Bill Hentzen from Wisconsin contacted me with some history of the car. Bill has been involved with Tickfords for many years and recalls visiting the Cooke Group in Wigston, Leicestershire in 1987 with the late Ian Lloyd to see TB0362. The car had just been fitted with a new body.

Bill’s records of the car go back to the mid-1970s when it was owned by one Jacob Potts as a pile of bits. From a letter in 1975 from Mr Potts, it appears that the first years of the car were spent in Cheshire and the war years at RAF Predannack* on Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula. It then languished until Potts rescued the derelict car. He worked on the chassis but the body was beyond salvation, which is almost certainly when the Cooke Group acquired it and constructed a replacement.

(*Nowadays, the runways are operated by the Royal Navy and it is used as a satellite airfield and relief landing ground for nearby Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose.)

Ownership passed to Robin Lawton Classic Cars, Hampshire and Sergio purchased the Tickford in December 2011 in the UK, following the Bonhams auction in September 2011. Unfortunately, the car was badly damaged on the ferry across the Channel whilst on its way to Italy and needed considerable repair to the body, bonnet and hood.

Sergio has added some comments on the rebuild and some ‘Thank you’s’ as follows:

Five long years of work and study to know how to rebuild it correctly and a lot of nights to find solutions to difficult problems, such as the adhesive foil that I designed for the dashboard. This gave me a lot of satisfaction, in fact, I supply it still, all over the world, to help T-Series owners to rebuild in a cheaper way the dashboard. Personally, I would not have done all this, without the help of:

– Bill Hentzen (Wisconsin – USA) for his valuable suggestions

– Peter Radcliffe (Hull UK) to supply rare Tickford spare parts, including the hood. Especially for the 10 days that he spent at my house in April 2016 to definitely finish the car.

– Paul Banyard (NTG Motor Services Limited) for the supply of TB items, for his patience and his warm welcome when I have been to his shop in Ipswich.

My thanks to all of them.

Ed’s note: The adhesive foil for the dashboard centre panel was featured in a previous issue of TTT 2. I’ve reproduced later in this article some photos of Sergio’s work showing the ‘before and after’ centre panel.

If you are interested and wish to contact him, his e-mail address is sergio.pagano61(at)gmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Now for some photos………..

TB0362 as purchased in December 2011.

Restoration of the chassis – February 2015.

Restored front wings.

Restored rear wing.

Sergio checking detail after painting.

This ‘shot’ taken after painting.

View from inside prior to fitting out.

View of dashboard wiring.

Peter Ratcliffe checking hood frame.

Hood lining fitted.

Getting there!

Sergio and Peter.

Sergio’s centre panel before work.

Entire sheet in self-adhesive black with the words printed in white.

The completed centre panel after work.

And to close…. A couple more photos taken by photographer, Daniele Bilotto from Marano Principato (Cosenza) – Italy.