Bits and Pieces

Chrome Plating

I recently had my J2 radiator surround and grille re-chromed. The total cost was £420 which included knocking out a couple of dents. The company who did the work are Classics and Chrome in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The four holes you can see are there for the fixing of a radiator muff.

I’m sorry if you have to stand on your head and look sideways at the picture!

MG early TA MPJG oil filter conversion

Mick Pay is now out of stock of the early filter conversion, but still has got one of the later ones left.

He can still supply these, but would need the old filter pipes from the MPJG engine so that he could unsolder the copper pipes and use the brass parts to make the filter conversion. This would be the case when the one remaining later filter conversion is sold and if there are any further requests for these. mg188(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}.


The following has just been received from Chris Parkhurst:

“The other day I was checking the TC and thought let’s have a closer look at the drop arm from the steering box. Using my slowly diminishing x ray vision I noted a crack on the edge of the arm, you can see it in the picture. Off with the arm and a new replacement fitted. Now my experience with Austin 7s is that these arms tend to break at the most awkward moment, not at 70mph on the M25 but as you turn slowly through a 90 degree turn when the arm is placed under max strain such as 3 point turns. So, may I suggest that you all get under your cars to closely check yours!”

Ed’s note: I seem to recall this happening in similar circumstances some time ago to Lynne and Bob Douglas’ TB. I am always conscious of this when turning the wheel in my PB when almost stationary, even though I have fitted a new drop arm for peace of mind.


The following was received some time ago from Richard Withington (my apologies to Richard for not publishing this before):

“Some months ago, you featured an item concerning repair of T-Type clocks and consequently I contacted David Ward with a view to repairing the clock on my TC which has never worked from the time I bought the car in 1970.

David had a look at the clock but was unable to repair it as he did not have the parts. I subsequently sent it to Mark Willows at Clocks4classics and he has been able to restore it to full working order using a specially developed circuit board fitted inside the clock. Visually it is unchanged, but it works!

The repair was not cheap but I have to say that Mark’s service has been excellent and I am well pleased, very few other TC’s seem to have working clocks.” David Ward Warddavidc(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}.


I have a small supply of these – don’t be put off by the quality of the picture – they are on perfectly white paper. They measure approx. 33 inches (804mm) by 18 inches (460mm). £8 each to include UK postage and the tube for sending. Money received to go to THE MG ‘T’ SOCIETY LIMITED.

Copies available from John James, 85 Bath Road, Keynsham, BRISTOL BS31 1SR. Cheques payable to THE MG ‘T’ SOCIETY LIMITED, Bank Transfer to Acct no. 33458268 Sort code 77-73-11 or PayPal to [email protected]