Lost and Found

Not very much to report in this issue.

Paul Harris noticed the contribution from Roger Roodhouse in Issue 41 regarding the log book he has for TC4313 and wondered if he could put in an appeal (slim he acknowledges) that somebody out there may have at least one of the old green or brown log books for his 1938 TA, FKE 423 (TA2414).

The car had one owner in Kent for over 50 years until he sold it to a dealer a few years back. The log book in question was with the car then, but sadly FKE 423 seems to have had quite a few owners in a short time and when Paul bought the car back in 2014, the log book was not with the other papers.

So, it must still be somewhere, but enquiries made of the recent owners that Paul has been able to contact all seem to have drawn a blank. Paul can be contacted at prharris25(at)aol.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.


Philip Badger is researching the history of TC0285, seen here at The Rob Roy Hill Climb in Victoria.

Philip’s request for information was published in MG Enthusiast in August 2014, with a brief follow up plea in July 2016.

The car would have been fairly distinctive, with its black and blue speckled vinyl seats and probably some competition history with its crank-case /conrod repair and a planed near side brake backing plate – lost a wheel at some stage ???—-but no one so far seems to remember it.

Philip can be contacted at pdbadger(at)bigpond.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

MG 6746

Peter Lansdown (Triple-M owner) has been in touch to say that he has met a previous owner of TA Tickford MG 6746. This owner is keen to know of the car’s whereabouts, if is it still around.

MG 6746 does not show up on the DVLA website.

It was owned by one Jock Manby-Colgrave in the 1940s but nothing has been heard of it since.