Lost & Found

Looking for the owner of TC 3211

Laverne Downey has been in touch to say that he knows where the original engine is for this car, whose owner is in the US. Laverne’s contact details are dorydd0555(at)aol.com [Substitute @ for (at)].

TC (EG 8888)

John Ball would like to get in touch with the present owner of this TC (chassis number unknown). It comes up from a DVLA enquiry search as, on SORN, with the last V5C issued on 01/11/2011. John is at johnball_1954(at)hotmail.com [please substitute @ for (at)].

More on TC9581 (KKD 600) plus new enquiry for PUG 204 (a TC, but chassis number unknown) and KWM 320 (a TF1500, but chassis number unknown).

Michael Plant m.plant57(at)icloud.com [please substitute @ for (at)] has been in touch with some further history on KKD 600. This car (chassis number TC9581) was featured as far back as the April 2013 issue and more recently in the April 2021 issue. Here’s what Michael wrote:

“Circa 1955/6 whilst working in an engineering drawing office, a graduate arrived for work experience and we became friends. He had no transport, so I introduced him to Sheffield and its surroundings. Following his home visit to Slough, he brought his car back to Sheffield, an MG TC KKD 600. He was wanting to sell it and I was interested and gave him a cheque for the agreed sum of £125. I travelled to Slough by train and bus. His parents were upset that he had sold it and wanted to give me the money back. His father even took me into his large garage and tried to interest me in a blue label Bentley. Everyone was very polite but I left in a very frosty atmosphere. The TC was immaculate and I think they were probably the first owners. In the years that I owned it, the only problem was the worn steering box where shims had to be removed, allowing the peg to locate lower into the worm drive, and a cracked aluminium gearbox housing mount which was welded up.

KKD 600 with two companions. The registration number of the green TC is not known, but the white one is PUG 204, but not known to DVLA.

For some idiotic reason which I can’t now recall, I part exchanged KKD 600 for a Jowett Javelin followed by a Vauxhall. After this, a work colleague was selling his TF 1500 (KWM 320) and after a struggle to get the cash together I bought it. Once again in immaculate condition – my favourite car of all time! It was sold in 1965 to an elderly WW1 veteran near Whitby. An interesting friendly man who showed me around his farm. The only odd thing was that he insisted that I removed the hood complete with the hood irons before he would buy.

A few weeks after, I read that he had lost his mind and shot and killed a neighbouring farmer thinking he was a German soldier. Whew!

I don’t know what happened to the TF.

TF1500 (KWM 320) – chassis number not known. It does however come up from a DVLA search enquiry as ‘Not taxed for road use’ with date of last V5C as 23rd November 2012.

I then bought an MGA Coupe PUJ 314 with an aluminium cross flow cylinder head. I replaced the camshaft and followers which could just be done without removing the engine by loosening the securing bots and tilting the front of the engine up, allowing removal of the camshaft. I only sold it after I was involved in archaeology which needed room for buckets and spades etc.

Best wishes to you and TTT 2, Mike Plant.”