The Editor

Welcome to Issue 68, October 2021.

Firstly, apologies for some problems which resulted in me getting Issues 66 and 67 mixed up. I’m told that if you download Issue 66 (June 2021) from the archive, the front cover incorrectly states that it is Issue 67 (August 2021) – the rest of the issue is correct. I will get this changed as soon as possible – if only I could do it myself, but “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

The last couple of months have been extremely busy for me as most of my energies have been channeled in the direction of my J2. I’m pleased to say that it fired up at the end of August, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of Adrian Moore and his team at Finishing Touch bodyshop in Weston-Super-Mare. You might find it hard to believe that the last time the engine ran was when England won the World Cup in 1966!

By the time this issue reaches you, Pre-War Prescott will have been held. It was originally due to take place on 15th July, but was postponed to 11th September due to Covid. It would have been nice to have taken the J2, but I wanted to iron out a few ‘bugs’ and stay relatively close to home for the time being. We should be able to venture further afield in 2022.

It’s sad to report the passing of Graham Robson on 6th August aged 85. Graham was a prolific writer of motoring books (169 of his books were published) and he was still busy writing right up to the time of his death.

Some more sad news to report is the deteriorating health of Dennis Barker, a former Chairman of the MGCC ‘T’ Register. Dennis went into a Care Home a few weeks ago.

This rather splendid TC is being offered for sale by Mark Whitchurch. It is TC2190, registration number DNJ 137. Restored in the late 1980s, it was re-commissioned in 2016/2021. The car has an extensive history file, including original buff log book, previous ownership details and what has been done in the restoration and re-commissioning.

Documented less than 800 miles since its full restoration. In good mechanical and cosmetic condition with some lovely patina. 27,000 GBP or near offer. mark.g.whitchurch(at) [substitute @ for (at)]

Maurie Prior from New South Wales, Australia, has sent me the following comments about classic car values in Australia:

“I noted in your editorial, your comments over the declining/static values of Northern Hemisphere T-Types and found that there are significant differences “Down Under” to the Northern Hemisphere prices. Here in Australia, several MG T Types, and particularly, TFs have been sold in these last twelve months and not surprisingly, they have achieved never-before-seen prices. Another even more surprising factor is availability – at present, there are no TFs of either engine size for sale anywhere in Australia that I am aware of!

Just last month, in July, a nicely presented, matching numbers TF1500 was sold for almost $70,000 AUD, a record, and was sold within three days of being offered! Quite a few cars that have been put up for sale have sold quite quickly and at prices that were never even considered a year ago! The average sale price seems to be hovering about the high $40s mid $50s with concours quality cars off the planet!

I believe that there is a simple reason for this – we Australians are intrepid travellers, and due no doubt to the tyranny of distance, we tend to travel further than most, and as a consequence stay away longer. To this end there is much more holiday money spent than the average world traveller, given the cost of getting to and from. Since we have closed our international borders, there is no international travel, so our cashed-up travellers are not only travelling extensively internally, but also are spending up on everything from home renovations, holiday homes, works of art, and classic cars! So, there are some benefits from Covid-19 here in Oz – instead of spending our hard earned in the ‘Old Dart’, Europe and the Americas, we are spending it at home, and helping our battered economy. I hope it may forever continue – the spend-up not the virus!”

Any fellow Aussies care to comment?

I’m off to fettle the J2!