Lost and Found

Ross Harris in Australia has been in touch. I was sorry to hear that his dad (Claude) whose TA, (TA1980) was featured on the front cover of the October 2011 issue, died recently. Claude was 92.

Ross has just acquired TA2982 to keep TA1980 company. Originally registered in the UK as ETC 334 it was owned at one time by a T-racer, who purchased the car around 1960 in Swindon.

TA2982 was   brought to Australia by a lady called  Ann Pridham in the late 1980s, and up to now had been in the possession of Phil Dadd from Sydney for the past 30 years.

Ross would be interested to learn of any history of the car pre-1960 – jake(at)mgta.com.au [please substitute @ for (at)].

He is also seeking Photos and information on the Factory MG TA Trials cars originally registered BBL 82, BBL 83, BBL  84 and BJB 412. (Musketeers) and or contact with the owners of Cream Crackers BBL 78 BBL79 BBL 80 and BBL 81.

Ross is familiar with M.G. Trials Cars by Roger Thomas, having read it several times from cover to cover, but he is seeking more detail of the cars.

TC0918 (JUM 427) Paul Richmond is trying to locate the whereabouts of his late father’s  TC. He owned it from 1947 until 1953, when he had to sell it – the impending birth of Paul’s older brother meant a more family friendly car was required! The car was originally green, but was restored and painted red in the nineties and last heard of in Sheffield in 2013. Contact Paul on 077 3148 0291 – pfrguitar(at)gmail.com [substitute @ for (at)].

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