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Wrapped (bi-metal) kingpin bushes for TB/TC and later TA

Bi-metal ‘wrapped’ king pin bushes – note the oil/grease groove which has a spur take off that feeds lubrication to the thrust faces of the beam axle’s eye.

Bi-metal ‘wrapped’ king pin bush showing the spur groove that feeds the thrust washer.

Eric Worpe now has these bushes in stock. He needed to advance a not inconsiderable sum of money to be able to offer these bushes at a price which is significantly lower than the phosphor bronze type available commercially.

The important point to  note is that the wrapped bushes are the correct type (as used originally when the cars were new) and by ordering in bulk it is possible to pass on significant savings.

Details of price and availability below:

For a set of 4 the cost is 32 GBP. For orders of between 3 sets of 4 and 9 sets of 4 the cost is 30 GBP per set of 4. For orders of 10 sets and above the bushes can be purchased for 28 GBP per set of 4.

Postage at cost on all orders.

These bushes will be available from the Editor at his stall (shared with Brian Rainbow) in Stoneleigh in February.

Enquiries to e.worpe(at) [please substitute@ for (at)]

Wire wheels refurbishment

Geoff Fletcher, whose restoration progress is featured elsewhere in this issue has e-mailed to say that he has just picked up his wheels from The Wheel Specialist, Garforth/Leeds after being blasted, powder coated and tyres (Blockleys) fitted. He says that they have made an excellent job and can recommend this company to anybody wanting some wheels refurbished in this area. They also fit tyres so they do the everything, which has its advantages.

Dave’s Doughnuts

Since the last issue I have ordered another 20 pairs and now have these in stock, albeit two pairs of these have just been sent to France to be fitted to an MGA and an NA. The last pair of the previous batch was sent to Neil Cowking, who reported back as follows:

“Goods received, fitted, tested, clonk gone!”

To order a pair, please send an e-mail to the editor at jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)].

TA/B/C Brakes – Fitting of Thackeray washer

Paul Busby has been in touch as follows:

I have recently had the good fortune to work on two TCs previously maintained and serviced by others. Whilst overhauling the brakes on both cars I was concerned to notice both had the Thackeray washer (double spring washer) the wrong side of the brake shoes. This was most evident on one car by the wear pattern in the lining. The Thackeray washer should be behind the two shoes not in front, with the wide horseshoe retaining clip bearing direct onto the shoe.

Paul goes on to say that the manuals do not show sufficient detail on this but simple dimensional checking will make it clear. He is amazed how people even manage to fit the horseshoe over the Thackeray washer. This incorrect fitting also allows the washer to become unwound through the gap as most people also do not recognise the horseshoe should be used once and crimped closed just like a split pin.

Above: Thackeray washer in place before crimping. Below: This pic is without Thackeray washer as Paul could not hold together and photograph with one hand. Pin is new and up a few thou to take up wear.

Pic from the linings from one of the two TCs Paul worked on, showing wear patterns due to mis-alignment.

Paul Ireland’s new book

Paul’s new book is currently being printed and should be available for Stoneleigh in February, where it can be purchased from the Editor’s stand.

The link is:


Just to let you know I am still at it” was the opening line of a recent e-mail from Michael Sherrell. Mike had recently returned from the Coalfields 500 Race Meeting held on 20/21 October at the Collie Motorplex, just over 200 kms and two and a half hours south of Perth.

Just before the event weekend, he was advised that he was the only entrant in his class. Whilst he would have preferred to have been competing with a host of TCs and like machines, he was happy to be at the back of a field of open wheelers, Caterhams etc. just to learn and enjoy the new track layout. The track has  been extended on from the main straight through a series of interesting bends, to a sharp left, on uphill though a combination of lefts on the top, then steeply down left and right, the last being a tricky little squiggle, on to the existing back straight – chicane, left and left, and back on to the main straight once more. 

Mike summed up his weekend driving experience as follows:

I drove my supercharged TC to Collie via the excellent Mornington Rd, competed in five, ten-minute events over two days, then drove home unscathed, again via Mornington Rd, on a high, energised and elated and so proud of my little TC/9349. What a machine!

Ed’s note: I would add…..What a competitor!

Two pics of TC/9349 at the Collie Motorplex.

Restoration Services

Some months‘ ago I was contacted by Mike Gardiner from Pangbourne with the request; Did I know of a reliable company who would finish his J2 and get it back on the road? I had no hesitation in recommending Adrian Moore of Finishing Touch Bodyshop in Weston-Super-Mare.

The work that needed doing on the car was mainly mechanical and Adrian picked the car up from Mike’s home and delivered it back when the job was finished.

I was pleased to receive this picture from Mike  with the comment “Adrian did just what I asked for – get the car in a state that I could drive it – he’s a nice chap to deal with – and every time you go, there is something else that is interesting to see!

That’s what I like, a job well done at an affordable price and a satisfied owner! (Ed).

Head Gasket and Bottom End Sets

I have a head gasket set for TB/TC/TD (to engine no.22734) and Y (to engine no. 17993). Good quality set made by Gaskets For Classics Limited. Price is 40 GBP plus postage.

I also have 3 head gasket sets for TD 22735 on, YB  and TF to chassis no. 8173 i.e. TF1250. Price as above. jj(at) – substitute @ for (at)

Also for sale are several bottom end sets for TB to TF priced at 18 GBP plus postage.

When they are gone they are gone!

Tracing the current owner of a once owned MG

I was surprised to read in the November issue of Enjoying MG that the DVLA recently helped an individual to trace his grandad’s TC. The individual submitted a DVLA form to the Agency along with some old photographs and a reason why he was trying to trace the car. Nothing happened for a while, until one day there was a telephone call from the present owner.

I say I was surprised, because I tried this unsuccessfully some time ago (I even followed  it up via my Member of Parliament). At the time, I felt that there were unconvincing reasons advanced for the refusal, chief of which was that such a request did not meet the reasonable cause criteria.

Anyhow, the website reference is:

I shall now contact Matthew Whiteman, who is trying to get in contact with the present owner of his late father’s TC and we will see what DVLA have to say.

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