Looking for TC10208 (JWT 185) and TD29133

TC10208 (JWT 185)

Graham Podmore has been in touch to say that he bought MG TC JWT 185 from (he thinks) Hunts, in Broad Street, Birmingham around 1959 and part exchanged it 2/3 years later at the same garage for a TR2, “What a difference!” he recalls.

The TC head was taken up to stage 2 and finally rebuilt after losing oil and causing much damage. The car then was red.

JWT 185 featured in Issue 12 (November 2005) of ‘Totally T-Type’ and was then in the ownership of David Budgen, who bought the car in 2003 from the previous owner (Tony Silvey).

If my (failing) memory serves me right, David sold the car to a dealer (might have part exchanged it for an MGA). Where is it now?

TD29133 (it has had three registration numbers!)

TD29133 started out in life as NOV 2, a Birmingham registration number issued in 1953. This registration mark with a low number would obviously have been attractive to somebody with these initials so it was sold and a new number 3966 AD allocated. The present owner bought the car earlier this year when it still had the 3966 AD plate but was told by the seller that he would retain the number before selling the car to him. The car then sported the registration number 552 UYF.

The present owner would like to fill in two gaps in the car’s history i.e. from 1953 to 1960 and during the 1970s.

It is known that the car was in the Plymouth and Penzance areas in the 1960s and also in Cardiff. By 1970 it was in Holywell (North Wales). The longest period of ownership was by Richard Charles O’Brien living in Croydon. He owned the car from 1984 to 2011 but it has so far not been possible to trace him.

The present owner has now taken the car to France. If any information is received via the TTT 2 contact-form I will pass it on.

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