Front Cover – TC1397 – MG 7357 (was KPJ 244) – A TC Reunion

TTT 2 has a pretty good record of tracking down cars. Several months ago Kelvin ‘Vic’ Lee, a previous owner of TC1397 contacted the editor to ask if he knew the whereabouts of his old car. No sooner said than done, ‘Vic’ was pleased to hear that it was alive and well and running about in Cornwall. Current owner, Nick Hayes takes up the story of his introduction to TC ownership and his recent meeting with ‘Vic’ and his wife, Wendy.

“Like so many of us in our early motoring years in the mid 1960s, we all dreamed about owning a sports car. I was no exception. When the day finally came to talk to my parents about affordable personal transport, motor bikes were usually top of the agenda. Somehow the thought of their only son purchasing a friend’s Triton 500cc motor cycle did not go down too well to say the least!

Old motor cars had always been in our family, so when my father suggested something a little more sensible, but reasonably sporting, he suggested an ‘old MG’. This, fortunately for my mother’s sanity, seemed a good alternative. A vintage Bentley was the preferred choice of mine, but dad suggested something a little less expensive and more allied to my mechanical abilities! Fortunately, 3 litre Bentley ownership (a 1922 car) was to feature later in my motoring life.

It was while I was attending technical college and several lads seemed to be running around in Austin 7 specials, Singer 9s etc. but the student’s choice was an MG TC. The die was cast. Chatting to friends, it came about that a friend of the family had actually just finished tidying up a J2 and was about to start sorting out a TC. That was it. Enter KPJ 244 into my motoring life. My first car! Helping the friend and dad, we got it reasonably sorted out and with the usual parental financial assistance, and a total clear out of my Post Office Savings Bank account, the princely sum of £150 was paid over!

That was spring 1967, so dad gave me driving lessons, and I passed my test, in the TC! The MG became part of our family life. I even courted my girlfriend Mary in it, went on all our Cornish holidays from the Midlands where we were living, and when we got married it took us on our honeymoon. The TC was our only everyday car until we sold it to a friend of mine in 1973”.

Ed’s note: Apologies for the quality of the photograph, but it’s an old one from the 1960s when they didn’t have photographic equipment at prices and super resolution we are used to now.

TC1397 is in the centre of the picture. The red car is FEL 306, a TA Tickford. (F)EL was a Dorset (Bournemouth) registration. This car appeared in an advertisement sometime later, possibly Car Mechanics, for exhaust systems. It featured a large front view of the car stating, ”…..will Fred’s banger pass the sound barrier?”

The dark khaki green TC is FSC 809. (F)SC was an Edinburgh registration issued from 1947.

Do either of these two registration numbers ‘ring any bells’ with anybody?

Anyhow, back to Nick…………………..

“Over the years we had many other vintage type ‘second’ cars, to restore and use. I always knew where the TC was as my friend had kept it.

Finally, after many years, I was offered the chance to buy TC1397 back. It returned to our family in May 2010, not long after I joined TTT 2. Unfortunately my friend had changed the registration number from KPJ 244 to MG 7375, so when I registered it with TTT 2 I quoted both the original and current numbers.

Sadly I did not get the old log book back with the car, so I was unable to look up any previous owners, although I did have an idea of one or two previous owners from memory.

When John contacted me and informed me that the previous owner wanted to get in touch I thought it would be a great idea.

So, at the beginning of May this year “KPJ 244” was reunited with ‘Vic’ Lee. ‘Vic’ and his wife Wendy came and spent a wonderful day getting to know KPJ again. After lunch at Marazion, ‘Vic’ had a drive. He was very pleased – just like old times, regardless of the oil leak!

It was an amazing day as during most of our early life we had lived near ‘Vic’ and we were able to reminisce about our youthful periods of ownership and old mutual friends.

Certainly from my point of view, this is a lot to do with owning an old MG, especially a T-Type, it seems to live in one’s memory, whatever other cars come and go in one’s motoring life. So we also have ‘new’ friends in ‘Vic’ and Wendy thanks to our dear old MG TC, and thank you John for starting TTT 2!”

Ed’s Note: All part of the service, Nick! Some photos of the day follow………………

TC1397 in its beautiful home surroundings of West Cornwall.

Nick (on the left) and ‘Vic’ discussing the trusty XPAG.

Ready for the lanes!