The Editor

Welcome to Issue 25, August 2014!

Some readers may have seen the article by ‘Alfred Lane’ in the current edition of MG Enthusiast entitled “90th anniversary? – That was last year!” The writer argues convincingly that the first MGs were produced in 1923. Indeed, I have a scanned copy of a receipt issued to Oliver Arkell for the purchase of FC 5855 on 16th August 1923, one of the six Raworth bodied MGs (see advert below from The Isis dated December 5th 1923 by kind permission of Phil Jennings, co-author with Robin Barraclough of Oxford to Abingdon.)

The M.G. Car Company was not established until 1928 but according to Wilson McComb, MG Historian, its in-house MG Salesman’s Handbook introduced on 1st January 1928 begins on the first page “When the M.G. Sports Cars were first introduced in 1923…”

So will the Centenary celebrations be held in 2023?

Your Editor has been busier than usual since the last Issue getting his hands dirty in the garage and spending time finalising the arrangements for the Isle of Wight Tour which is being held at the end of August. This Issue is a couple of days late in coming out and the next one may be a little delayed due to me losing a few days in the critical preparation period of the magazine due to being away on the Tour.

We have 42 cars on the Isle of Wight Tour, almost all T-Types, but a couple of Triple-Ms, a YA, a MGA and a MGB. At least 3 local T-Type owners will also be joining us.

Ferry tickets and rally plates were sent out in June and I am hoping that the Roadbooks will be sent out in early August together with a request for some money for the accommodation package and the entry fee. The entry fee has been set at £25 per car, which is almost certainly a lot lower than similar events.


The 2015 Tour will be centered on the Stirk House Hotel, Gisburn, Lancashire.

Set in the historic Ribble Valley at the heart of rural Lancashire, Stirk House Hotel is surrounded by splendid views of the magical Pendle hill and rolling countryside of the forest of Bowland and Yorkshire Dales.

The Tour organiser is Grant Humphreys and he has booked all 32 rooms in the hotel from Friday 21st August to Sunday 23rd August inclusive. The tariff is £225 per person for 3 nights’ half board. This is an extremely competitive rate for a hotel that “mixes 16th Century charm with luxurious classic interiors, creating a hotel that delights and exceeds expectations.”

Grant welcomes initial expressions of interest at grant.chumphreys(at) Please substitute @ for (at).


Venue/area not yet decided but initial thoughts point to somewhere around the Midlands, either to the east or the west.

And finally… my 1933 J2 which I bought for £35 in 1965 (with a conrod through the side of the block) has been taking up much of my time during these past few weeks. It has just come back from the paint shop and now there is plenty to do. Target date for completion is Spring 2015, which will be the 50th anniversary of my ownership and she will then be 82! Everything comes to him who waits!





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