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MG TD/TF “Keep your pedal box clean kit”

The following has been received from Declan Burns:

“The idea is a “Keep your pedal box clean kit”.

This is a gaiter with a mount which fits my uprated clutch rods and also the standard TD/TF clutch linkage. The mount has a lip which centres on the hole in the pedal box. It comes with an NBR rubber seal and is screwed with two self-tapping screws to the front of the pedal box. I could also provide the seal (in emergency cases – even the cover) for the side of the pedal box in rubber or cork and, of course, the rubber bung to cover the bottom hole. The photo shows this as fitted to my TD 21284.”

Email: declan ‘underscore’ burns ‘at’ web ‘dot’ de.
declan_burns(at) {substitute @ for (at)}

Above: Mount. Below: Gaiter and mount.

Above: Gaiter and mount fitted to Declan’s TD. Below: Seal and cover.

New corrector gearbox

Another item from Declan:

“Here’s a photo of the nearly finished prototype of my latest corrector gearbox. It is designed specifically around the Ford Type 9 five speed gearbox which we all know is becoming increasingly popular and not just for our beloved MG T models.

The idea was to make it modular so it consists of four stages as I have indicated on the photo. It attaches to the Sierra gearbox using the standard Ford circlip and comes out at 110°. This reduces the bending radius of the cable as the speedo cable then runs almost parallel to the chassis. I can also adapt the angle at which the corrector stage sits.

The output matches the cable supplied with the Sierra gearbox conversion kits. The corrector stage can be adapted (with limitations) to suit the individual needs.”

Photo of Declan’s nearly finished prototype of his latest corrector gearbox.

TF Clock

TTT 2 Issue 27 listed three possible causes as to why a TF owner’s clock runs for a short while and then stops. These were given by Barrie Jones, MGCC T Register Technical Specialist for the TD and TF models to the owner. Barrie’s diagnosis, (wear in the bearings and dirt clogging the mechanism) given the information that re- orienteering the clock ‘helped’ the clock to function again for a while, proved ‘spot on’ as the owner took the clock in for repair and the jewel was replaced. It has been working fine ever since.

The following is a useful bit of advice to the owner from Barrie:

“Whenever you take your TF off the road for an extended period, it is a good idea to disconnect the battery, otherwise the clock will keep going, your lovely new bearing will start to wear and the tiny electrical contact will erode some more.”

Reproduction Vehicle Excise Tax Discs

Following the mention of this item in the previous issue two further suppliers (both of whom are considerably less expensive than Earlswood) were notified to the Editor as follows:

Roger Cork mentioned Creative Tax Discs (Mr Bill Blackmore, 74 Barnsley Road, Wombwell, BARNSLEY, South Yorkshire, S73 8DJ. Tel: 01226 495230 or 07800 965338)

Jerry Birkbeck mentioned Greg Powell, 24 Elgar Avenue, Hampton Park, HEREFORD HR1 1TY Tel: 01432 353963 or 07710 26733.


Many of you will be aware of ‘Murphy’s Law’, or ‘Sod’s Law’ as it is known to some. A recent article in the Gardner Engine Forum magazine (sent to the TTT 2 editor by TF owner Stuart Barnes – thank you Stuart!) highlighted its origin in the aircraft industry and came up with the following statements which apply equally well to T Types!

If anything can go wrong, it will.

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Specified environmental conditions will always be exceeded.

Interchangeable parts won’t.

Any wire or tube cut to length will be too short.

Identical units tested under identical conditions will not be identical in the field.

Availability of a part is inversely proportional to the need for that part.

After an instrument has been fully assembled, extra components will be found on the bench.

A dropped tool will land where it can do the most damage or cannot be found.
(Also known as the law of selective gravitation)

Components that must not and cannot be assembled improperly will be.

The most logical way to assemble components will be the wrong way.

With thanks to the Engine Forum

(Some) After-Market TABC Master Cylinder Pushrods

If you go to Doug Pelton’s end of year Newsletter
you’ll see a “Product Alert” from Doug that some replacement TABC master cylinder pushrods (not the ones he supplies) are known not to have sufficient angular displacement which may result in a side load and binding of the brake pedal as opposed to a straight longitudinal thrust of the master cylinder piston.

New XPAG Crankshafts from Steve Baker

Steve Baker is offering steel billet crankshafts in EN40B and will have one for inspection on the Octagon Car Club stand at Stoneleigh on 1st March. The prices in his advert include VAT. We hope to do a feature on some of the products sold by Steve in the next issue of TTT 2.

Events in 2015

I have been notified of the following events:

3-Night Trip to Crepon, Normandy 22-25 April
Instead of the annual trip to Bollezeele, this year it is hoped to organise a 3 night trip to Crepon in Normandy. The hotel will be La Ferme de Ranconniere, which was used by the T Register several years ago. The hotel can take a booking arriving on 22 April and departing on 25 April. They have offered a bed, breakfast and evening meal package ranging from 125€ per night for single occupancy to 190€ per night for a double room. If you are interested please contact Gillian Smith at [email protected] or on 07800 950333 or 01252 336271 and say which room type you would require.

3rd Dolomites MG Event – 01-07 June

Christian Bianco extends an invitation to join him and friends from Europe for this event which is based in a small village near Bolzano – The South Tyrol. It is a tour around the Lakes and Mountains and hopefully including Stelvio and the Cortina area. This will be all based in a village surrounded by orchard and vineyards – one hotel is a small castle! From here MG’rs could extend their trip down to Florence or across to Pisa or return via Innsbruck or Bavaria. Entries due by 9th March.

Visit for more details.


Based in Llandrindod Wells at the Metropole 4- star, family–owned hotel. The format will be a road run on Saturday, and on Sunday morning a visit to Abbey-cwm-Hir Hall, followed by buffet lunch, then another short road run. Details from Brian Rainbow brian(at)


A couple for this issue as follows:

Barry Woolford is keen to trace the TC which was his honeymoon car in 1968. It is TC10238, registration mark EDP 721.

Barry completely rebuilt the car doing the woodwork, engine, electrics and spraying himself.

The car went across ‘the pond’ to the USA.

Barry’s contact e-mail contact address is b.woolford(at) {Please substitute @ for (at)}

TC6533 (CTK 759)

As can be seen from the ‘before and after’ photos, Peter Seymour brought this car back to life during 1998/1999. The car was since owned by Stanley Hughes, but he died in 2005. The car was sold in 2006 and is known to exist.

Peter would very much like to trace the current owner. peter.seymour(at) {Please substitute @ for (at)}

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