The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of 2015!

I am now in my sixth calendar year of production of TTT 2 and I really do wonder where the time has gone!

Much water has ‘flowed under the bridge’ since my foray into magazine production with the Octagon Car Club ‘Bulletin’ in 1998 (until 2001) then ‘Totally T-Type’ (TTT) from 2004 to 2010 and ‘Totally T- Type 2’ (TTT 2) from 2010 and continuing.

I seem to remember saying in one of the editorials (probably in TTT) that I would re-assess the situation when I reached 65, but at 68 ‘not out’ and hopefully getting to 69 by this coming October, I don’t even want to give it a second thought. So, enough of this navel-gazing and let’s get on with the job!

2014 has been another successful year for TTT 2 and The highlight of my year was the TTT 2 Tour of the Isle of Wight. To see so many T-Types in beautiful surroundings and to experience the camaraderie of the crews made it all worthwhile. An added bonus is that we have somehow managed to accrue a healthy balance to put towards this year’s Tour of the Lancashire Lanes and Yorkshire Dales. More on this Tour and the 2016 Tour in the next issue.

Donations in 2014 came in at £1209.35 for which I thank you. The printed copies of TTT 2 almost broke even; this was achieved by changing the printing company (for which I thank Brian Rainbow) and lower mailing costs due to using a mailing house. On the expense side we incurred £568.22 as a result of purchasing 100,000 email credits (approximately five year’s worth) to be used for sending out TTT 2 notifications. It was also necessary to purchase a printer/scanner as the old one ‘gave up the ghost’. We are currently reviewing our web hosting arrangements with the objective of speeding up the site. This is likely to be the only major expense item in 2015.

What’s shaping up to be the major 2015 T-Series and MMM event in the US is featured on our front cover. GOF Central 2015 is being held in Carmel Indiana (an Indianapolis suburb) July 15-19th. The event kicks off with a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where our MGs will take to the track – the famous Brickyard of racing. Tours, a rally, workshops, movie nights, and other activities are on the agenda. Mike Sherrell, noted TC specialist and author of TCs Forever! is the special guest of this GOF, and will be giving a presentation, doling out advice, and enjoying the company of all. There will be two car shows – a First Timers for newcomers, and Wheels & Wings, the big car show. Wheels & Wings will be at a nearby airfield, combining MGs with a vintage airplane fly-in. Thirty to eighty vintage planes are expected to be on the field, including biplanes, warbirds, and early post-war small planes.

Registration is filling up rapidly – already there are more cars registered for GOF Central than the past several years. The committee’s push to bring new enthusiasts is paying off, as 20% of registrants are new to our events.

Be sure to watch the promotional video of the event on the GOF Central website – turn the sound up loud!

More information and registration details at or Interested in attending and need some help with agendas or logistics? Contact Tom Wilson on the GOF Committee at GOF2015Central(at)

Stoneleigh MG Spares Day

This year’s show (again a joint MG/Triumph show) is being held on Sunday 1st March. Details are on the website

Once again your editor will be sharing a stall with Brian Rainbow in the usual location in Hall 1, just over the way from Barry Walker’s stand. Brian always carries an amazing selection of spares, particularly those for the MPJG. I look forward to meeting friends, old and new!

“Never throw anything away!”

A seasonal photo (well, it was when I received it!) from Martin Franklin which proves the old MG adage “ Never throw anything away” – even rusty old 4 1/2” x 19’ TC wheels have their uses!

MG Wheel Christmas Tree

And finally, there are a number of events in 2015 which I have been asked to publicise. As there is insufficient space in this column you will find them on the ‘Bits and Pieces’ page.



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