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Welcome to the first edition of Totally T-Type 2!

As many of you will know, the original magazine Totally T-Type was ‘my baby’ and was one of the few magazines in the world totally devoted to T-Types. I launched the magazine in January 2004 and produced 37 issues up to and including the January 2010 issue.

Totally T-Type (TTT) is the bi-monthly magazine of the T Register of the MG Car Club; it is therefore quite clearly a publication of the MG Car Club.

Due to a number of reasons, which are probably best not revisited here, I became disillusioned with the MG Car Club and whilst my enthusiasm for TTT was undiminished I could not reconcile continuing to produce it when I had doubts about retaining my membership of the MG Car Club. I therefore served notice that I would carry on producing TTT up to and including the November 2010 issue.

As I had (at the time) only just completed the subscription renewal cycle (apart from producing the magazine from scratch I also distributed it worldwide and did all the accounting for subscriptions and advertising revenue) I felt obliged to work out my notice until the start of the next renewal cycle (November 2010). After all, subscribers had just paid for another six issues of the magazine and were entitled to expect that I would be producing them. I did not want subscribers to think that they had been sold a false prospectus.

Unfortunately, events (which, again, are probably best not revisited here) came to a head and I decided not to renew my membership of the MG Car Club when it fell for renewal on 1st February 2010. As a consequence, I was told that as a non-member of the MGCC I could not continue producing a MGCC publication and therefore the January 2010 magazine was my last issue.

I shall always regard myself as having been ‘sacked’ from the position of Editor of TTT!

Following my ‘sacking’, I received an unbelievable number of phone calls, letters and e-mails from all around the world. Some wanted me to start a T-Type club!

Well, a T-Type club would be very nice but it would take an enormous amount of work to get it going, Alas, time is not on my side as I have to keep a PB on the road and rebuild a J2 as well as getting ‘The Vicar’s Car’  back on the road. So, having given it some careful thought I decided that the next best thing would be to have an independent T-Type website, part of which would contain a free bi-monthly edition of TTT 2.

You’ll have noted the use of the word “independent”. Editorial freedom means a lot to me and I do not like others looking over my shoulder, dissecting every word I write. Independence is also important in recommending traders for goods and services; any traders who are included in the relevant section of the website are there, not because they have paid to be there, but because they have been recommended for inclusion and their services are advertised completely free of charge.

You’ll also have noted that the format of TTT 2 is different to that of TTT; TTT 2 is produced in A4 format. The main reason for this is that there will be only a limited number of ‘hard’ copies of TTT 2 produced and those who want to run off ‘hard’ copies (or just an article) from the website will find it easier to print 20 copies of A4 than to print 40 copies of A5. I am not ruling out a wholesale ‘hard’ copy distribution of TTT 2 but one needs to learn to walk before one can run.

Another advantage of A4 format is that it allows more scope to feature good sized diagrams and photographs. Nothing is more annoying than finding a postage stamp diagram or picture in a page of text.

An important feature of this website will be the list of recommended suppliers. By going direct to some of these suppliers you can save yourself money rather than going through a “middle man”.

I shall also be offering a limited number of spares, initially on a non-profit making basis, but this may need to change in April 2011. Even then, the mark up will be very small.

Another service I have arranged is the manufacture of cast iron brake drums for the TA/B/C; these are obtainable direct from the manufacturer and at a useful saving over those being advertised by a trader. This service will also encompass the VW steering box conversion – again at a very useful saving.

This issue is largely taken up with Brian Rainbow’s presentation on T-Type brakes which he delivered to the ‘T’ Register ‘Rebuild’ seminar earlier this year. I am very grateful to Brian for providing an “anchor article” for this first edition of TTT 2. Other articles are as follows:

● Front leaf springs on the TC

● News of a forthcoming book on the TD together with an article from the book on “door fit and close”

● An article from Doug Pelton on “Solving the Gearbox Speedo Pinion Housing Oil Leak”

● The story of the TC on the front cover

● Some spares news and offers

5 thoughts on “The Editor

  1. Paul Barrow says:

    Great to see TTT-T up and running. I wish you every success with this totally non-club supported venture John and Steve and I will be adding a link to to today (20 August 2010). If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

    Best wishes


  2. Ed. Hosford says:

    Welcome back John, many thanks for all your help in the past, and for all future consultations.
    Ed IoW & TD RUB 110

  3. Brian Craft says:

    Hello John,

    Well done you. Pleased to see you back in the fold. If you feel I can help in any way, please do not be afraid to ask.



  4. Denis Dunstan says:

    Hello John I am very pleased to see such a valuable resource for T Types available. I wish you every success with the venture.

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