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In the editorial on page 3 I highlighted the importance of an independent approach to recommending traders for goods and services. My website will, over time, build up a comprehensive trade directory of recommended suppliers and guess what? – none of them will have paid to be there!

First off the blocks in this issue are some details of TA/B/C cast iron drums. These are offered at £85 per drum including carriage, a useful saving over those currently being advertised by a trader. For more details please contact me on 0117 986 4224 or e-mail jj ‘at ‘ A couple of pictures of these drums follow:

Ian Linton is offering TA head gaskets as per the picture below. Ian’s advert reads as follows:

“MPJG head gaskets, new, similar to that sold by Moss (290-010), see photo.  Limited number available, £30 each plus P&P.  These are being offered as support to other MG TA owners and therefore are sold privately as is, no guarantee, no return.  Contact Ian Linton, or call +44 (0)1273 472479.”

I am offering a limited number of XPAG head gasket sets (round hole or banana) at £47.50 each, plus postage. I also have a few bottom end sets at £21.50 each, plus postage. These are being sold as support to XPAG owners and therefore sold privately as is, no guarantee, no return. They are said by the manufacturer to be as near to the original as possible and are being sold on a non-profit making basis. You only need to look up the price being charged by the dealers (one is asking over £80, another is asking over £100) to appreciate what a bargain (pic below of one of the head gasket sets) these sets are. Contact John James (jj’at’ or phone 0117 986 42224.

Tim Patchett ( or phone 01484 845038) has one remaining set of his stub axles for TA/B/C at £600 the pair, plus postage. He also has a couple of pairs of his rose jointed steering rods at £160 the pair plus postage.

Coventry Boring and Metalling Co.Ltd. have experience of MPJG engines. The web address is

Finally, I must print a disclaimer, much as I detest having to do so.

Totally T-Type 2 is produced totally on a voluntary basis and is available on the website on a totally FREE basis. Its primary purpose is to help T-Type owners through articles of a technical nature and point them in the direction of recommended service and spares suppliers. Articles are published in good faith but I cannot accept responsibility or legal liability and in respect of contents, liability is expressly disclaimed.

Before doing anything that could affect the safety of your car seek professional advice.

3 thoughts on “Spares and Services News

  1. Michael Lamb says:

    Thank you John, you have my wholehearted support in your venture.
    You are now filling the void created by other publications who are unable to give this very necessary product advice and information.

  2. BRIAN YATES says:

    With reference to the cast iron brake drums being offered by jj’at’, these look very good and much cheaper than the Alfin ones offered elsewhere at up to £1100. I recently bought a set of these from Octagon spares for £900, so I am feeling very much out of pocket! They are perhaps a modified Datsun rear brake drum like the Alfins, and as such seem to require longer retaining studs to fit. If they are like the Alfins the drum disc is much thicker than the original drums so that with standard studs, as seen on the photo, even with the washer discarded the stud does not fully extend through the nut.
    A further difference I found with the Alfins is that the shoe brake surface laterally does not align with the drum surface which is slightly offset inwards to the centre of the car causing the outer edge of the lining to chafe on the drum. I chamfered the outer edge of the linings, but the chafing, although reduced, is still present even with all new wheel bearings.

    Brian Yates

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