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Welcome to Issue 71, April 2022.

I seem to remember an editorial I penned a couple of years’ ago when I said “the world has changed”; that was at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak. Fortunately, the worst seems to be over and we have learnt to live with it – but it’s still not the same.

No sooner than we have got back on our feet than the unimaginable has happened and the world has changed again, particularly for those of us who live on the continent of Europe. I’m not going to say any more, except to say that I feel for the pain and suffering of innocent civilians and especially for the children, who are caught up in all of this.

According to the meteorological calendar, we have now entered the season of spring in the UK. It started on 1st March and ends on 31st May. The emerging blossom on my magnolia tree tells me that kinder weather is ahead, but that kinder weather is frequently accompanied by strong winds with the result that all the blossom gets blown off! It seems to happen every year, without fail.

Our thoughts are now turning to cranking up our T-Types here in the UK, but will we be able to afford the petrol? Whatever price I publish now at the time of writing this editorial (11th March) is sure to be out of date by the time you read this. However, for the record, the price of Esso Supreme at the pumps, just up the road in my local Esso service station, is £1.77 per litre, which equates to £8.04 per Imperial Gallon. It is certain to go on increasing and this will seriously curtail not only classic car journeys, but also everyday use in modern petrol and diesel vehicles…..a sort of self-inflicted rationing!

Michael Sherrell has been in touch with the following:

Many years ago, not long after I had restored YA3814, and while I had two of my beautiful grand daughters with me, it struck me that I should try to re-enact a famous Factory photo featuring the TC and Y. The girls were in their young teens then. (Beth in my TC and Chloe in my Y). 

Beth is now 30 and Chloe 28, so it’s taken me quite a while to get ’round to this. I still remember it was fun doing it. Hope it is of some interest.

The modern-day re-enactment of the original Factory photo.

The front cover picture is of TA1593, belonging to Mike Lemmings. The “driver” is Mike’s dog Millie, who, says Mike, always finds the driver’s seat straight away!

Mike bought the car in September 2017 from a previous owner in Northern Ireland. It looks as though TA1593 may have been exported from new since under Item 3 (Special Notes) on the front of the V5C it states that the car “Was registered/used overseas. Declared manufactured 1937.”

I’m only guessing, but a plausible explanation might be that TA1593 was exported to Ireland and at some stage found its way over the border to Northern Ireland. Anders Ditlev Clausager, in his book Factory-Original MG T-Series records eight TAs as being exported to Ireland in 1937.

On the inside back cover is a wonderful cartoon by Paul Sample. Born 19th February 1947 in Leeds, Paul studied at Bradford College of Art and at the Central School of Art and Design in London, where he studied graphic arts. He is probably best known for his cartoon strip Ogri, which he created in 1967, having been inspired by Marvel comics. The character was first published in Bike magazine and went on to feature in the magazine for 35 years.

Paul’s website is at Paul Sample ( where you will find an amazing range of his work.

He gave me permission to use the ‘Lucas cartoon’ last year and I am most grateful to him for this.

Pre-War Prescott 2022 is confirmed for Saturday 16th July and I hope to attend. Bookings are now open and include The Friday Scenic Tour to the Hook Norton brewery on the 15th and The Gloucestershire Navigation Rally and Scenic Tour on the 17th. Please go to    

By the time you read this there will have been a press release about the major event to mark the centenary of M.G. in 2023.

Lastly, it’s subscription renewal time for those of you who receive a printed copy of TTT 2. I’m afraid that I have to ask for £21 due to a savage increase by Royal Mail and I am expecting an increase from the Printers.  Overseas subs are not yet decided.

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