TF and Y Series replacement clocks

The TF clock is a totally different design than the TC/TD, as it has extended concentric shafts which go through the speedo. The actual clock dial is an integral part of the speedo face. This proved to be a challenge indeed. Nobody has successfully built replacement working clocks for the TF or the Y-series that I am aware of. Fig. 1 shows how the clock is designed. A laser cut metal mounting plate which matches the hole pattern of the clock mounting screws has two locating pins that centres the stepping motor. The concentric shafts are made flexible to minimize friction as stepper motors are low torque motors.

The TF speedo must be removed from the dashboard in order to fit the clock. It also requires removal of the glass and the retaining bezel, as the hands can only be positioned from the front of the speedo. The clock comes with a spare pair of hands.

The clock uses the same driving circuit as the TC and TD clocks.

A sponge rubber seal that goes between speedo glass and retaining ring is also included in the clock kit.

Clock + driving module
Price 85 Euros

Declan Burns
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