How many TAs are on the road in the UK?

Since the February issue, some more cars which are known to DVLA have been ‘discovered’.

The front cover shows TA1593 (ENU193) and ‘Lost & Found’ records TA2668 (DRK 889) – both cars are taxed. ‘Lost & Found’ also records TA1697 (YSU 797) as ‘Untaxed’.

Roger Muir has come up with a few more cars from those owned by Octagon members. TA 0675 (EML 386) and TA xxxx (BBL 634) are both taxed.  TA xxxx (AMO 866) and TA xxxx (YS 9976) are both shown as ‘Untaxed’. TAxxxx (BDF 402) is on SORN.                       

A late entry is TA3237 (GNU 610) and is taxed.

Continuing with our focus on TAs, Stewart Penfound, TA/B/C Registrar for the MGCC T Register, has a list of the following TA registration numbers which are known to DVLA, but for which he doesn’t have a chassis number. We hope to solve at least some of the mysteries by publishing this list. If you can help, Stewart can be reached at stewart.penfound(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)]

Registration No.          DVLA status    Date of last V5

275 XUT                      Untaxed          21 July 2009

414 XUK                     Untaxed           17 Jan  2008

509 XUT                      Untaxed           20 Aug  2009

852 YUA                     Taxed              17 July  2012

AAS 491                      Taxed              18 July 2012

ACX 350                     Untaxed           26 March 02

AKG 926                     Untaxed           16 June 1998

ARX 225                     Untaxed           30 Oct   2021

ATH 456                      Taxed              15 Aug  2012

ATR 432                      Untaxed          17 Feb  1992

BAM 711                     Untaxed           28 Sept 2015

BBL 634                      Taxed              27 Sept 2018

BDF 402                      SORN              21 Dec  2015

BG 5615                      Untaxed           17 Dec  2007

BGA 525                     Untaxed           01 July  2002

CNX 327                     Taxed              09 Feb  2015

DGX 134                     Untaxed          (not stated)

DHA 405                     Taxed              02 April 2020

DKE 888                     Untaxed           09  March 05

DYK 509                     Untaxed           18 Nov  2015

EEV 41                        Untaxed           21 Feb  1984

ENN 907                     Untaxed           22 Nov  1983

EOP 24                       Untaxed           04 Oct  2005

EPO 793                     Taxed              15 Aug  2020

ESM 149                     Untaxed           23 July  1999

EYX 236                      Untaxed           26 May 1994

FKD 788                      SORN              23 Aug 2016

FKF 703                      Taxed              06 Sept 2019

FZ 1835                       Untaxed           16 July  1997

GPA 781                     Untaxed           11 Sept 2001

GPK 562                     Taxed              27 Oct  2017

JB 9448                       Untaxed           30 Nov 1992

MG 5622                      SORN              11 Sept 2012

NJ 9776                      Taxed              28 Jan   2010

VSJ 117                      Untaxed           14 July  2000

XAS 639                      SORN              04 Nov 2013

XSU 506                     Untaxed           01 Oct 2007

XVV 212                      Untaxed           28 Nov 2017

YS 9976                      Untaxed           14 Oct 1981

YXG 158                     Taxed              16 Jun 2020

Referring back to the previous issue (Number 70, February 2022), the total number of TAs known to DVLA was given as 597, of which 315 (52.8%) were taxed, 221 (37.0%) were either untaxed or not taxed for on the road use, and 61 (10.2%) were on SORN.

The total number of TAs known to DVLA has now increased by 45 to 642, of which 329 (51.2%) are taxed, 248 (38.7%) are either untaxed or not taxed for on the road use, and 65 (10.1%) are on SORN.

When I set out along this road back in August/September 2021, I said that I’d be disappointed with a total of less than 300 and ecstatic if the total exceeded 350.

Well, I’m very pleased with the outcome and there might still be a trickle of new ‘finds’.

What I consider to have been the most pleasing outcome of the exercise is that Stewart Penfound has been able to update his records, so they are now more accurate and complete than they have ever been. Of course, the ongoing challenge is to keep abreast of future changes, but the cooperation between the T Register of the MGCC, the MG Octagon Car Club and the MG ‘T’ Society is set to continue, not only for TAs, but for all T-Types.

From now on I don’t intend to publish any new information, but I’ll be happy to pass on any new information to Stewart.

Alternatively, you can contact him direct at: stewart.penfound(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)]

It’s possible that Roger Muir, Editor of the MG Octagon Car Club Bulletin, may uncover some new ‘finds’ when he publishes a lengthy list of registration numbers in the March Bulletin. This will appear as this issue of TTT 2 is (hopefully) away at the Printers.

Roger has been very helpful, both to Stewart and myself in notifying TAs not previously known by Stewart, which are owned by Octagon members.

Now to start a similar exercise for TF1500s known to the DVLA!

Life is never dull!

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  1. David Blaik says:

    I own MGTA FKN 849 and the car has been off the road since 1989 so not sorn as it has been off the road for over 30 years.

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