The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of 2020 – February, number 58.

I have sold my TC (or rather, Steve Baker has sold it for me). Widely known as ‘The Vicar’s car’ I had to come to terms with the realisation that I had too much on my plate with a J2 that is still not finished and a TF1500, which still needs work. However, I’m sure that the new owner, who is known to me, will ‘do the honours’ and get her back on the road.

Talking of TCs, I’d like to introduce you to the ‘4tees’ who are pictured below as a group, with their TCs starring in a separate photo alongside. These four gentlemen bring their TCs and meet up regularly for a pub lunch.

From left to right, David Irwin, Mike Lugg, Eric Worpe and Mike Card. The following is by way of introduction from each of them.

David Irwin: “I bought my TC in Los Angeles as a millennium gift to myself in late 1999.  Had it shipped over, arriving port of London in April 2000. Two years of work and then MOT in April 2002.

Been a steady runner and regular attendee to our ‘4tees’ pub lunches.”

Mike Lugg: “I bought my TC in August 1959 when I started my graduate training, building steelworks in Scunthorpe. The car was a wreck, as they all were in those days, but it served me well regularly covering the 220 miles from Scunthorpe to the Isle of Wight where my girlfriend lived. The car remained in regular daily use until I got a company car in 1964. 

Completely rebuilt by me in the late 70s/early 80s back on the road in 1986 for the London-Inverness run featured in Motor magazine. Henry Stone the ex-MG racing mechanic rode with me one day and christened me “Le pilot fou”!  Since then used regularly on MG runs, weekends and short breaks both here and on the continent.”

Eric Worpe:  “BRJ 999 was bought in 1964 and I soon discovered that I’d been sold a ‘pig in a poke’ by a Mr Fowler; I missed the clue. Actually, it’s been a mixed blessing as it has allowed me to gain (too) much knowledge during two rebuilds. I’ve reversed some of the demands of the “bean counters” at Abingdon by strengthening most of the weak areas and fitting higher brake/side lights, which I feel is less of a “violation” than being shunted.”

Mike Card: “I bought SRF 435 as a bare chassis frame in 1998. Built it as a supercharged “Café Racer”. Put it on the road in May 2007.”

The cars from left to right:

SRF 435 (TC9477) – Mike Card; LPD 626 (TC2490) – Mike Lugg; DAS 719 (TC6132) – David Irwin; BRJ 999 (TC 0367) – Eric Worpe.

Front cover:

‘Ruby’ (KKA 362) First Registered 2.2.1949 in Liverpool

*TC 7635 XPAG 8386 matching numbers

*No. of former keepers 5

*Owned since 6.6.2013, bought in running order and run until December 2018

*Engine/gearbox rebuilt in 2019 by George Edney to 1350cc fast road spec

*Body etc “refreshed” in 2018 – just back on road

‘The Beast’ Jaguar E-Type (known as an XKE in US) 3.8 litre Series 1 OTS matching numbers 

*First Registered 11.10.62 by Henley’s, Park Lane, London to owner at 59, Knightsbridge, London

*VIN 878237, Engine R7627-8 matching numbers (verified)

*No. of former keepers 2

*Owned since 1.12.2000 …barn find near Crawley in West Sussex; 30 years off the road at that point

*Full nut and bolt restoration throughout

*Returned to road in 2012. 5000 miles run since

*Still in contact with second owner.

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