TC7460 – EXU model built on 22 December ‘48

Peter Barnsdale (a Brit working in British Columbia) is hoping that someone in the US might be able to shed some more light on his TC’s history. Peter bought the car at auction near Tacoma, Washington and imported it to Canada.

Originally exported to (Peter thinks) California, he was told that the TC had been latterly looked after  by a Californian family for 20 years before being reputedly sold to a film company, who held onto it for a couple of years before it went to be advertised unsuccessfully and finally sold to Peter at Auction by ‘Lucky Collector Cars’ in Tacoma.

The upended trailer in the background is being cleaned up ready for a respray when the picture was taken. 

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TF10081 (55 FLP)

In Issue 55 (August 2019) when making an enquiry about a TF1500 (chassis number unknown) owned by Colin Lamdon in Bulawayo, I said that according to Clausager, there were no TF1500s exported to (the then) Rhodesia.

I subsequently received information from Alastair Stevenson, who bought his 1500 in Rhodesia in 1960 which contradicts Clausager. Alastair has seen an old advert placed by the main BMC garage in Salisbury (Harare) asking people to come and test drive the new MG TF1500. He is also doubtful whether any TF1500s were imported into South Africa (unless anybody can correct him). This is based on the recollection of his time at university in South Africa; there was another 1500 on campus, but he did not know where it was bought.  

Alastair’s chassis number is HDE23/10081 which would make it the 19th from last to be built, and is a RHD export model. He subsequently brought it with him when he immigrated to the U.K. and sold it 1965/66. It was bought by the late Ian Lloyd, restored and kept by his family for many years. When Alastair saw it for sale at Beaulieu garage, he just had to buy it back, as it is the only car that he regretted selling.


TC4428 was sold new in South Africa alongside  TC4427, still in SA and owned by Viv James. Ralph Littlefield would like to track its history, but he hasn’t been able to make the South Africa connection between 1948 and 1980.

4428 was among several cars exported South Africa to New Hampshire, United States in 1980; others included Mercedes Benz 300SL and 300SL Gullwing. Ralph had hoped someone might have remembered a transaction like that, but to date no luck.

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TC0918 (JUM 427)

Information was sought in the previous Issue but I didn’t have a photo. Just to refresh, Paul Richmond is trying to locate the whereabouts of his late father’s TC (see picture). He owned it from 1947 until 1953, when he had to sell it – the impending birth of Paul’s older brother meant a more family friendly car was required! The car was originally green, but was restored and painted red in the nineties and last heard of in Sheffield in 2013. Contact Paul on 077 3148 0291

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TA2399 (FZ 1835)

John Scott would like to try and track down his father’s TA – his dad, who died in 2019, is the one on the left in the pic. The TA was, when he had it, registered in NI as FZ 1835. Owned in the mid-50s he circumnavigated Ireland in the car, among other things (hence the camping equipment across the spare wheel!). John knows that it was not sold at the auction (below) but was sold at another auction about the same time and is likely to be in Germany. E-mail john.scott(at)ksbr.co.uk [please substitute @ for (at)].

RTD 898 1953 TD (chassis number unknown) & FGY 184 (TA1690)

Franklin Woodcock in Leicestershire has enquired about two T-Types he used to own. The first, pictured above, was owned by him from April 1966 until December 1968. He says it was a super car that never let him down in 35,000 miles and had such ‘luxuries’ as a dipping mirror, heater and reversing light. He saw it at a classic car show in Stoneleigh in the 1990s and was delighted to learn that it was then owned by the son of the original owner in Lancashire. The DVLA search facility confirms that it still sports its original green bodywork and that it is taxed and MoT’d.

The second car was bought as an engineless rebuild job in 1971. Purists now need to look away because a TR2 engine, gearbox and back axle was fitted. Further modifications included the redesign of the steering to accommodate a Morris Minor rack and pinion and the fitting of Austin A35 low level windscreen wipers.

Franklin admits it all sounds barbaric these days, but that was nearly 50 years ago.

TA1690 was sold to a chap in Nottingham and the last Franklin heard of it was at a dealer’s in Newark-on-Trent around 1995.

The DVLA search facility does produce a result.

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