The Editor

Welcome to Issue 18 (June 2013).

I promised in the covering e-mail which announced that the April issue was on-line that I would give an update on the amount of donations received so far in 2013.

As at the end of April the total amount of donations received since 1st January this year was £1347.65. This is a staggering result for which I am very grateful.

We are accumulating quite a formidable cash balance, partly due to my reluctance to spend other people’s money. However, we need to do something about the bulk e-mails we send out advising nearly 2,700 subscribers worldwide that the latest issue of TTT 2 is on the website. For the last few issues we have been sending one e-mail to 25 subscribers at a time in 5 minute intervals but this takes forever and we have recently discovered that e-mails sent to ‘gmail’ addresses don’t get to the recipients as they are treated as SPAM. So we have spent some money and will henceforth be using a commercial e-mail service for delivery.

We live in a world where cheats and fraudsters seem to thrive and sadly at least two of our readers have been taken in by these unsavoury characters through classified advertisement dealings. We do as much as we can to warn advertisers of the potential pitfalls and each advert carries a caveat emptor warning, but there is no substitute for vigilance.

It is pleasing to note that one of these fraudsters, a Robin Scott Butler, who conned one of our readers, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on 14th March to four years’ imprisonment for 22 counts of fraud by false representation. He also asked for 92 other offences to be taken into consideration.

Another scam which has recently been brought to my attention involves the hi-jacking of a genuine car for sale advert by a third party who offers the car for sale (from abroad) as a package complete with shipping, the arrangement being that the buyer pays the (bogus) shipping company.

Unfortunately, these adverts can and do look realistic. In the case of the “shipping company” all sorts of guarantees and buyer protection were given in a cunningly drafted ‘Transaction Overview’.

Remember that these characters only need to defraud one in a thousand to make their efforts worthwhile and as fast as they are tracked down and exposed they re-invent themselves and pop up in a different guise.

Well, that’s enough of that for now so let’s have a bit more inspiring news!

The 2013 Tour of Rutland is alive and well and very near the top of my in-tray. Due to family matters over the past couple of months I have not been able to give the arrangements for the Tour my full attention but this will now be rectified and a newsletter will be sent to the participants by the middle of June – hopefully well before that.

The 2014 Totally T-Type 2 Tour of The Isle of Wight – Friday 05 September to Monday 08 September 2014 – 3 nights.

I have recently signed a contract with the Shanklin Hotel on the Isle of Wight for the 2014 Tour. The cost for the 3 nights, dinner bed and breakfast is £179 per person.

Included in this VAT inclusive tariff is the price of tickets for the return ferry crossing from either Portsmouth or Lymington. This is an extremely attractive package which has only been made possible due to the Editor (as organiser) agreeing with the hotel to take on the administrative task of handling the bookings and paying the final account, thereby saving the hotel quite a bit of work (and involving the Editor with quite a lot of work!!!).

I am hoping that this Tour will be seen as attractive and therefore will be well supported. Initial indications point to this as I have already received a healthy number of expressions of interest.

The entry fee has yet to be determined but will be kept as low as possible. One potentially beneficial side effect of the party booking is that the hotel will offer a cash rebate based on the number of persons booked. The intention is that this will be ploughed back in some form or other to enhance the enjoyment of the Tour.

This month’s photo is (courtesy of Gabriel Öhman) of Stig Anderson, 90 years young, sitting in his TC with his two poodles – ‘Austin’ and ‘Morris’. The two dogs go everywhere with Stig in the TC. He has made two windows at the rear end of his tonneau so that the dogs can see out if it rains!





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