MG TA Engine Restraints

Whilst in conversation with a TA owner recently about engine mountings, the subject of TA engine restraints came up and I gave him the contact details for Mick Pay. Subsequent discussion with Mick produced the following notes and a couple of photos and a drawing. I hope this may help TA owners who still have the MPJG engine fitted in their car to check details.

The engine restraints on the TA are two flexible restraints connecting the front engine mounts to the front cross tube that sits under the radiator. These straps stop the engine moving backwards & forwards. They do not fit them on the TB/TC because the link from clutch pedal to clutch arm is via a chain, whereas the TA has a solid link, so any engine movement in the chassis ends up ruining the bell housing.

The originals were made of bellac (webbing which flat belts were made off) not obtainable now.

The webbing used is tough webbing used to locate Land Rover rear axles, I got some on the internet; they are rear axle check straps as fitted to early Land Rovers.

The metal work is self explanatory if you follow the drawing (courtesy of Brian Rainbow). I used 3/8 bolts welded to the bracket as it is what I had “in stock”. However, Brian’s drawing shows 5/16. Rivets were a job to find unless you want to buy a box of a 1000, but in the end I found some at a local blacksmiths. It certainly does look better with rivets, more original.

When you fit these restraints hand tighten the radiator side nuts and then tighten the outer nuts as required, they need re-adjusting after a few months to take up any stretch.

Mick Pay

Ed’s Note: Mick has a few of these engine restraints for sale at £33 plus postage. Also available are early TA and VA oil filter conversions and late TA and VA conversions at £72 and £62 respectively plus p&p. They are made to order and prices may vary due to price of brass etc. E-mail mg188(at) {substitute @ for (at)}.

TA engine restraint drawing (click photo for bigger version)

TA engine restraint fitted.

Early TA and VA oil filter conversion.

Late TA and VA oil filter conversion.

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  1. Bill Steward says:

    Thanks for the info on the restraining straps – I’ve wondered for years about the true purpose for these… Two MPJG major discoveries in two editions for me, – the cracked head syndrome explained and now this! Keep up the good work.

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