The Editor

Welcome to Issue 13, August 2012. The number thirteen is unlucky for those of a superstitious nature – I don’t consciously worry about this but sub-consciously I must as I always take extra care when crossing the road on Friday the thirteenth!

I’m not sure if “unlucky” is the right word but I have in fact struggled with this issue of TTT 2. I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason it hasn’t ‘flowed’. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time on the J2, which hopefully should be on its wheels very soon.

A lousy summer here in the UK doesn’t do much to lift one’s spirits – the weather has been appalling with hardly one consecutive dry day for months. It’s been the same in Sweden according to my friend Gabriel Öhman but he did brighten my day recently when he sent me this reminder of summertime.

Over the last couple of months there have been two opportunities to meet MG friends from Australia and the USA. In early June we met up with Doug and Julie McWilliam from New South Wales. Doug had ordered some polyurethane bushes from me but said he would collect them in person as he was taking a canal boat holiday not far from where I live. We had arranged to meet up in a Bristol hotel but I did a bit of detective work and found out when and where Doug was handing the boat back. Armed with this information we organised a welcoming party of five MGs. Doug wasn’t expecting this and was quite overcome! The photo shows the editor and Doug inspecting a TD. My thanks to those who turned out in their T- Types on the day, there are more photos later in this issue and the caption records the names of those who were present.

In late June we met up with Tom Wilson from Indianapolis. Tom has been over here on a couple of previous occasions and is a regular visitor to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) archive at Gaydon, where he spends hours researching MG T-Series history. We met up with him at the BMIHT and drove to a pub in Gaydon village where we enjoyed a drink and a meal. The photo shows from left to right John James (Editor), Tom Wilson, Graham Walker, Brian Rainbow. That’s Graham’s TC in the foreground and you can just see part of the windscreen and steering wheel of Brian Rainbow’s TA.

I was hoping to be able to give you a half year report on the finances but this will have to wait until the next issue as I have not had time to ‘get my ducks in a row’. Suffice to say that the finances have been transformed this year due to donations received over and above the cost price of spares charged, notably the polyurethane bushes. A small increase in the number of ‘hard’ copy subscribers has also helped with the unit cost of the magazine. However, the swingeing increases in postage, particularly the overseas mailing costs have been extremely unwelcome.

Just enough space left to tell you about a Tour I am organising in September, 2013. It is the TTT 2 Tour of Rutland and takes place on Saturday 7th September and Sunday 8th September. Rutland is England’s smallest county but there is plenty to see and do. All XPAGs and XPEGs are welcome, and indeed any other engines! If you are a reader, but don’t own a T-Type (or Y-Type) but are looking for one, it might be an ideal opportunity to come along and see the cars at first hand. Full details of the Tour and how to book are given in this issue.



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