NEW MG TC LIGHTING – See and… Be Seen!

MG TC Lighting
Top row: original bulbs. Bottom row: modern bulbs. Application for bulb group left to right: Headlamp, side lamp, D-lamp, panel light, fog lamp.

Recent technologies have improved the lighting on modern vehicles. This leaves the original MG TC lighting somewhat in the dark. What can be done to improve the TC lighting? Tungsten, Halogen, LED? Let’s “see” what is available today.

The following technologies are the choices we have for TC lighting:

Tungsten: The TC was born with Tungsten lighting. Same technology as the house light bulb.

Halogen: The halogen bulb has about the same power draw as a tungsten bulb but provides 30-40% more light. It is much brighter.

LED (light-emitting diode): This is a solid-state technology that is very efficient. LED has about 1/10th of the power draw compared to tungsten and is bright. Polarity (+/-) sensitive.

Depending on the application, the best suited technology may be different. Below is a summary of items (and item #’s) that are the recommended replacements for each stated application. As an aggregate, this set would provide an “optimum” and complete update to the TC lighting.

Headlamp: EL602 – Halogen double filament 35W/35W bulb. Same bulb base as original, simply remove old bulb and replace with the new bulb (R&R).

Sidelamp (single filament): EL610 – LED Positive Ground (+). To install: R&R.

Sidelamp (double filament): EL612 Halogen double filament 35/5W. To install: R&R.

Dash, Map/30 light (single filament): EL610 – LED Positive Ground (+). To install: R&R.

Dash, Instrument Lighting: EL622 – LED Positive Ground (+), There are 6 screw-in bulbs on backside of dash. (2 Speedo, 2 Tach, 1 Oil, 1 Amp). To install: R&R.

Foglamp, FT27: EL625 – Halogen single filament 50W bulb. To install: R&R.

Foglamp, SFT27: EL627 – Halogen single filament 55W bulb. To install: R&R.

For the D-Lamp, you have some additional choices depending on the type and condition of your existing lamp.

If you have an original split lens D-lamp with good internal adapters:

Tail Lamp: (Stop light bulb) – EL613 Halogen single filament 35W bulb. To install: R&R.

Tail Lamp: (License bulb) – EL610 – LED Positive Ground (+). To install: R&R.

If you have a single lens D-lamp with a good internal adapter:

Tail Lamp: (Stop/tail light bulb) – EL615 – Halogen double filament 35W bulb. To install: R&R.

If you have an original split lens D lamp with poor internal adapters or you want to convert to internals to a complete new LED panel:

Tail Lamp: (Stop/tail light) – EL618 (+) or EL619 (-) LED replacement panel. Installation required. Remove old internals and replace with solid state LED dual panel.

For further information on how best to improve your MG TC lighting please contact me directly.

Doug Pelton
[email protected]

3 thoughts on “NEW MG TC LIGHTING – See and… Be Seen!

  1. Andy Moyce says:

    I updated my TD headlights to halogen and found that the ammeter goes to just negative at normal engine speeds when lamps are on. Not a problem for short night time runs, but when I put generic halogen daytime running lamps on the badge bar and ran them off the fog lamp circuit I got stranded with a dead battery.
    I’m still looking for LEDs that are bright enough for daytime running and of the right shape to work with the reflector structure of the lamps.

    52 TD
    Oakland, California

    • Jacek Skibinski says:

      Hi Andy,
      On my TD I updated by installing H4 lamps and got same problem as you mention.
      To remedy this situation I will convert my old Lucas Regulator into electronic system keeping the external regulator cover (electronic regulation is hidden inside).
      To get more informations about it you can visit the website .
      When installing H4 lamps it is also advised to use headlamp relay-fuse-new wiring, one set for Dip beam and one for Main beam.

      Jacek // Geneva

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