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This obviously isn’t a “how to” article, because no one is going to rush out and turn their TC into a daily driver, but I hope you might find this interesting and maybe give you some ideas.  I drove my TC into the ground in the 50s and 60s, so I was well aware of its shortcomings.

In this part of the world, in this day and age, there is no possible way you could daily drive a standard original TC without quickly becoming a traffic statistic.  Rain is heavy and lots of darkness in the winter.  Of the 7 years I drove my TC daily after rebuild, I drove it 12 months a year twice; the remaining 5 years it was off the road for 1 or 2 months due to snow, slush and salt.

The main issue you have to modify your car to deal with daily driving, is the lack of visibility from the cockpit.  The main issues in the order of importance are:

1)  Windscreen washer – you know from your daily driver that you are instantly blinded in traffic if another car throws dirt on your windscreen in the rain.  I installed a washer with the bottle and electric pump in the LHS of the toolbox. (I have lots of storage space as I moved the battery to the frame behind the passenger seat.)

2)  Windscreen wipers – the justification, regardless of the period, to have the wipers only clear 2/3 of the screen is a mystery to me.  It must have been based on cost.  I installed a third wiper in the centre by duplicating the idler on the RHS.  I never had any problem with the effectiveness of the wipers, providing you spend the time to initially set them up.  The motor would get so hot you couldn’t keep your hand on it but never failed. The first time I realized how hot it got, I put a rebuilt unit on my shelf. (I never used it until the idiot owner fried the installed motor, forgetting the master switch, while changing a cracked screen)

3) Cockpit interior condensation – driving in the rain and cold, your interior windows are always covered with condensation.  You can’t drive with a rag wiping only the windows you can reach.  I cut slots in the scuttle on each side and used hardware from a scrapped MGB for above and below.

I purchased an air box from a Honda Civic, which fits like a glove in the TC.  This has been a great unit.  It moves lots of air, keeps all the windows clear and provides lots of heat that enables me to drive in shirt sleeves at near freezing outside temperature.  It blocks the gearbox plug, but I replenish it through the dipstick hole.

The air box from a Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic airbox installed in Charlie’s TC

4) Rearward vision – You have to be able to see what’s coming at you from the rear, especially driving a RHD car in N.A.  The first time I was parallel parked along the curb and had to get out into fast traffic without good mirrors left me permanently puckered.  I have a large rear window in my hood and now I have real effective mirrors for the driver. With the above, I have no hesitation to drive my car in any conditions.  I really enjoy driving my car.  It doesn’t have to just be a sunny day.

Charlie Mac Quarrie  TC 7930(M)
Vancouver, Canada

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  1. Ray White says:

    I really like your wipers and will be adding an extra one to my car. I had already decided to add a washer. My reservation, however, with keeping the wiper motor on the screen where it poses a hazard to a passenger remains… but you can’t have everything.!

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