The Editor

Welcome to Issue 74 – October 2022.

I must not let this issue go by without mentioning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. To most of us below a certain age, she was the only monarch we ever knew. Throughout her reign, prime ministers and governments came and went, but she was always there and brought a sense of stability and continuity to us all, R.I.P.

How times have changed from the immediate post-war Britain! Although only six years of age at the time, I can clearly remember the black and white television installed in the parish hall of Christ the King Catholic church in Knowle West, Bristol for a few hundred parishioners to view the Coronation in 1953. I think it must have been a 14 inch screen; no colour television back then and few had televisions – certainly not in the area in which I was brought up.

Paul Ireland’s article later in this issue about a trip to Rome in his TC in 1977, reminds us that even then, there were no mobile phones, credit or cash cards and foreign currency and traveller’s cheques needed to be ordered from the bank. I would add, not any old bank, but one that dealt in foreign exchange, usually in the centre of largish cities.

Nowadays, you can obtain your foreign currency from most local post offices, travel agents and your local Tesco! …………and quite a few kids seem to have a mobile phone and a TV in their bedroom.

Enough of this reminiscing – I’m not quite at the stage of “stop the world, I want to get off!”

I’m constantly reminded what a ‘close-knit’ community we M.G. owners are. My DVLA registration work requires me to ensure that chassis stampings are verified for the applications I submit to DVLA. I’ve not ever failed to find a willing volunteer to undertake this task for me and to sign a certificate of inspection and I’ve done a few hundred to date. If you are one of this willing band of volunteers who happens to be reading this, you are a star!

The link to the Sotheby’s auction of the Gene Ponder collection, held from 22-24 September is: Gene Ponder Collection | Results | Car Auction in Texas | RM Sotheby’s (  

We can all but dream!

Now some bed-time reading for you before you nod off and dream. This comes in the form of a new book by Roger Bateman entitled FROM BOND TO BENTLEY AND BACK.  Roger has contributed to the debate in TTT 2 about 19 inch radials for the TC. He also wrote a fascinating article for Issue 46 February 2018) on how he tracked down the history of his TC (TC2456) which was exported from new to South Africa. To anyone wanting to trace the history of their car this is a “must read”.

However, back to Roger’s new book …there is a full-page synopsis of the book at the end of this issue with the link to his website for its purchase,

The front cover of this issue features ‘TIZI’, Charles Penny’s TA. Charles has looked after ‘TIZI’ since he was 17. She was given a much needed ‘facelift’ from the car you see in ‘Lost & Found’ later in this issue by Adrian Moore of Finishing Touch bodyshop in Weston-Super-Mare. An article about ‘TIZI’ has been promised, hopefully for the December issue.

When I first mentioned the Centenary of M.G. in this column, it must have been three or four years’ ago; now it is almost upon us!

Just to recap, it is on Saturday 27th May, 2023 at the British Motor Museum, Banbury Road, Gaydon, WARWICK CV35 0BJ.

There is a lot of work going on ‘behind the scenes’ and I hope to be able to provide full information in the December TTT 2.

Pre-war Prescott, which is being held on 15th July 2023 will have a mass ascent of the hill by M.G.s.